Pizzagate: What Is Next? 'Daily Show' To Feature Panel On Satanic Pedophile Scandal

So what comes next in the "Pizzagate" scandal? For the past couple of weeks, readers across the world have been absorbed by the ongoing Pizzagate scandal. Pizzagate hit the headlines when WikiLeaks' Julian Assange released a series of extremely strange emails that were hacked from John Podesta's Gmail account. Podesta is the man who ran Hillary Clinton's campaign for the White House. By now, most people are aware that Podesta's emails contained language that seemed to be totally out of keeping with the context of his messages.

The messages contained references to cheese, pizza, hot dogs, and black handkerchiefs, things that are often used as code in pedophile and sadomasochistic sex circles. The Pizzagate emails linked both John Podesta and his brother Tony to pizza joint owner James Alefantis and to Marina Abramovic, the woman behind a "spirit cooking" dinner the Podesta brothers were invited to.

After WikiLeaks released the Pizzagate emails, internet sleuths turned up some very odd Instagram posts by Alefantis. In one picture, a small girl was looking into the camera while her arms were taped to a tabletop. Numerous pictures showed Alefantis with children despite the fact that he has no children himself.
As time has passed, Pizzagate has been dismissed as a crazy internet conspiracy theory. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and just yesterday, London's Daily Mail have dismissed Pizzagate as the work of alt-right crazies intent on destroying Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. The Times said that Pizzagate was nothing more than "a fake news juggernaut" that swept up ordinary citizens like James Alefantis in a bid to smear Hillary Clinton.

Reddit has banned the original Pizzagate subreddit, and as a result, the "citizens investigation" has moved to Voat. The odd thing is that the more the mainstream media denigrates Pizzagate, the more investigators seem to dig up.

So What Is The Latest News?

Pizzagate investigators have turned up Twitter messages from conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart sent just before his death. In those messages, Breitbart clearly accuses John Podesta of being a pedophile and of trafficking children as sex slaves. Breitbart died of heart failure, at just 43-years-old, just weeks later. In 2012, the Huffington Post ran a story in which it explored a theory that Breitbart may have been murdered by arsenic poisoning.

As you can see in the messages above, Breitbart mentions Media Matters For America (MMFA). That organization was founded by David Brock, who was James Alefantis' former partner. During the recent presidential campaign, MMFA was given office space by John Podesta, and they regularly ran articles to discredit any of the negative news about Hillary Clinton, including attempting to denigrate the WikiLeaks Podesta emails.

Of course, all of these links could be purely coincidental, but Pizzagate investigators are not buying into that theory. All roads in Pizzagate seem to lead back to the same circle of people.

So Whats The Deal With Pizzagate And The Daily Show?

Journalist David Seaman released a video in which he claims that he has been asked to join a Daily Show panel to discuss Pizzagate. Seaman claims that he has been warned that the Daily Show wants him on the panel to "make fun" of Pizzagate.

Seaman says that he has been told by several people not to deal with the Daily Show because they are going to "criticize and mock" him.

"My main concern is that the media are not covering this at all. It is totally terrifying that they are ignoring a story that the whole internet is talking about. They make it sound like 'there's nothing going on.' We want answers.

"They do have a lot of viewers and if the Daily Show goes in a direction that they just mock us and a credible journalist like myself then that will reflect badly on them and on the shows producers."

Clearly, David Seaman is disenchanted by the way that most media outlets have denigrated the Pizzagate theory. Seaman claims that the media could be accused of helping to cover up "the greatest scandal of our time." Seaman says that the Daily Show built its popularity on fake news, so if they accuse him, a serious journalist, of creating fake news, then "the whole universe might implode."

Seaman's belief is that The Daily Show will take Pizzagate seriously because it is a breaking news story of worldwide importance.

What seems clear, from what has emerged so far, is that Pizzagate is far from the first time that sex scandals have reached all the way to the White House. Educate Yourself reproduces a Washington Post story from way back in 1989. It claims that a high profile homosexual vice ring was operating in the White House itself and that secret service agents removed copies of the newspaper from newsstands to cover up allegations that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were involved.

What seems to be happening is that the harder people try to close down Pizzagate, the more people ask questions. Who knows where Pizzagate will eventually take us, but one thing is clear: Pizzagate is not going away anytime soon.

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