‘WWHL’ And Andy Cohen Get New, Bigger Digs Than The Clubhouse

Bravo is going big for the holiday, and getting its top host, Andy Cohen, a huge gift. and delivering a brand new Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) set to replace the clubhouse. The tiny clubhouse set has been a teasing point, as it really suits no more than five people at one time, making it look more like public access cable, shot in some guy’s basement than the show of the top producer on Bravo.

Andy Cohen hosts WWHL every weeknight after the Bravo line-up, and generally has two guests, and a guest bartender making drinks for Cohen and friends. This year was the first year that Southern Charm had their reunion outside of the set of WWHL, called the “Bravo clubhouse,” says the Inquisitr. Southern Charm and Vanderpump Rules had awkwardly, in the past, stuffed their entire cast onto the WWHL set, and they seemed to be sitting on top of each other. What some viewers don’t know is that in addition to taking calls from fans, Andy Cohen has a studio audience for each show.


It’s sounding like Andy Cohen must have been more nice than naughty, because for the holidays, he will be unwrapping a seriously nice Chanukah gift, according to Page Six. Sources are saying that the new WWHL set will be unveiled to Bravo viewers on January 3 of the new year. And the show will no longer be called just WWHL, but rather, Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, which suggests Cohen is being rewarded for hanging in there (perhaps rather than joining up with Kelly Ripa on Live).


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The new version of Cohen’s show will be shot in the West Village studio, and will still have the clubhouse feel. Andy Cohen seems very enthusiastic about the step up.

“Our new clubhouse is the perfect upgrade for us because it won’t lose any of the intimacy or lunacy provided by our current home. We’re going from an audience of 22 to about 50, plus we have roof access and a whole lot of new surprises. It’s like moving from a Tic Tac to a studio apartment.”


But what will be really new to WWHL 2.0 is that there will now be a performance space for musical guests, and plausibly some of the goofier game show scenes. WWHL is the only late night talk show that is seen live on the east coast. Andy Cohen came into Bravo as a development executive in 2005.

Bravo says that this news of Andy Cohen’s new set should be celebrated with the traditional Shotski (literally a ski with shot glasses mounted on it so that a group can all take a shot at the same time). Andy Cohen’s name will be added to the name of the show, and fans can eagerly await a new logo.


And, if you are traveling to New York after the new year, there won’t just be more room on the stage, but double the space for the studio audience. For Andy Cohen, it was important to still maintain the clubhouse vibe and intimacy, so fans will still feel like things are familiar. Bravo is asking that while waiting to see the new set, fans can share their favorite WWHL moments by tweeting them with the tag #WWHLClubhouse. On @BravoWWHL on Instagram, fans can relive many of the funnier moments from the show.

What is your favorite moment from the Bravo WWHL clubhouse?

[Featured Image by Bravotv]