Joy-Anna Duggar Is Enduring Tougher Courting Rules Than Her Older Sisters Did

Joy-Anna Duggar is the newest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle in the spotlight. She announced her courtship during the Season 2 finale of Counting On. Fans weren’t surprised to see that Duggar had found someone who caught her interest, especially after three of her older sisters had already been married off in a rather short time. Rumors of a courtship had been circulating, and it was finally announced that Austin Forsyth was the lucky man who was headed toward a bigger commitment with one of the Duggar daughters.

Courting rules are subject to the individual child, and Joy-Anna Duggar was expected to be on the more relaxed side after seeing Jessa with Ben and Jinger with Jeremy. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna Duggar is being much more strict with the courting rules. She has been seeing Austin Forsyth since roughly August, and they have not had any physical contact at all. There are no side-hugs, hand holding, or anything that would remotely indicate affection for one another. Chaperones are going everywhere with them like normal, and their only “real” date was at Jinger’s wedding.

There has been a bit of fan concern for Joy-Anna Duggar. Many have spoken out about her being so young and already courting. She is just 19, but she feels like she is ready to find direction for her life. Austin Forsyth has known the entire Duggar family for around 15 years. The two grew up together and remained friends throughout their childhood. At this point, there probably isn’t one other boy in the world that Joy-Anna knows better than her current interest. For now, the two are still working on deciding where they will go in the future but it is likely this will lead to marriage for them.

With Joy-Anna Duggar now courting, there has been more pressure than ever on the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana. Critics have insisted that the older girls are leaving home quickly to avoid ending up like their big sister. Questions of her sexuality have been written across social media with allegations she is going to remain single forever because their religion doesn’t accept same-sex relationships. Joy-Anna came off as unsure about courting when she was initially asked at the beginning of Counting On, which has many fans perplexed as to how she ended up courting Austin Forsyth so quickly.

It has been confirmed that Season 3 of Counting On will focus on Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth courting. There will also be wedding planning moments from Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding. A lot of time was put into making the wedding the season finale, so part of Season 3 will be things that happened several months before airing. Joy-Anna spent a lot of time with Jinger while she was getting everything ready for her magical day, and there is some speculation another engagement may be on the way soon.

Fans are looking forward to watching Joy-Anna Duggar grow into a wife and mother. There still may be several months or even years before she walks down the aisle, but it will happen. Right now, the Duggar family is focusing on moving forward with the changes in their lives and growing into better people than they were the day before. There is a lot to look forward to when Counting On returns for Season 3 in January. A countdown to Jessa’s second child is happening, Jinger is rumored to be expecting her first child, and an engagement is possible. Right now, Joy-Anna Duggar is taking her courting journey slower than her sisters, and it seems that Austin Forsyth has no issues with that at all.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]