Jax Taylor Reveals How He Won Back Stassi Schroeder: Reflects On Tough Years

Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder were dating when they first started filming Vanderpump Rules. It was a messy relationship as Jax constantly tried to hide his lies from Stassi, who was good at discovering his troubling behavior. While she had a theory that he had cheated on her, Taylor kept denying that he had been unfaithful. But after he had convinced everyone that he was a good guy, and Stassi was a horrible woman for questioning him, he came clean. One might imagine that Schroeder would be done with him completely after such a big betrayal, but the two are actually getting along these days. And Jax couldn’t be happier about having his ex-girlfriend back in his life.

According to a new Bravo report, Jax Taylor revealed that he had to make up for his cheating and his betrayals if he wanted to have Stassi in his life. So, how did he convince her to forgive him so they could be friends again? Well, Taylor believes that they were able to become friends because they both moved on with their lives, and they were able to go beyond the drama that had happened between them before. And now, Taylor is happy that they can be friends, especially since they have the same friends.

“It’s actually great. I feel like Stassi and I have been really cool. No one would have ever thought that, because the last five years have been pretty tough on us,” Jax Taylor explains to the Daily Dish about his friendship with Stassi, sharing that it did take some time for them to move on and forgive one another for the pain and betrayals that had taken place.

“And I think we’re at a place now that we kind of came full circle. We can kind of realize who we are. We can make fun of each other now. We can kind of let it go; it’s been so many years. I think we just click. We laugh at each other’s jokes. She’s a great girl. She’s very smart. She’s very intelligent and she’s a good person,” Jax Taylor continues about his friendship with Stassi, hinting that he’s happy that he won back Schroeder as a friend, as she could have easily closed the door on any possible friendship.

Of course, the two of them can be cordial with one another because they have both found new relationships. She moved on first, as she started dating Patrick Meagher shortly after leaving SUR behind to pursue a career with a blog and a podcast. However, she might be working with something else now to pay her bills.

But after years of breaking up and getting back together, she realized that the relationship wasn’t what she had hoped for. She moved back into the SUR social circle, and Jax Taylor was dating someone new. He has been dating Brittany Cartwright for over a year, and his friends are surprised that he’s been able to stay faithful to her for so long. But it sounds like Cartwright is much more his type than Stassi because Schroder can be a handful.

“She’s a firecracker,” Jax Taylor explained about his ex-girlfriend, sharing that it takes a certain person to date her as she can be a bit too much, adding, “It’s gonna take a certain kind of human being to date her.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s comments about winning Schroeder back as a friend? Do you think these two might share their current relationship issues because they know each other so well?

[Featured Image by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Mediaplacement]