Kellogg’s War With ‘Breitbart’: #BuyKelloggs, ‘Eat More Pop-Tarts’ Versus #DumpKelloggs

There’s a war going on, and thy name is Pop-Tarts. Actually, the war with the #DumpKelloggs movement began when Breitbart News, formerly led by controversial Donald Trump pick, Steve Bannon, called for the boycott because Kellogg’s announced that the company would not run ads on, a website that has been accused of pushing a hate-filled, anti-Semitic, racist and sexist agenda.

Bannon has become one of President-elect Donald Trump’s top aides, so Kellogg’s has drawn the ire of Breitbart, reports BBC News.

Breitbart called for the boycott, which was advanced by those supporting President-elect Trump and his popular Twitter page, along with the hashtag #DumpKelloggs.

However, the #DumpKelloggs label was joined by opposing hashtags on social media as well, with the Twitter hashtag being battled by such tags as and in the wake of Breitbart urging its supporters to boycott Kellogg’s after the cereal maker stopped advertising on the conservative website.

The boycott of Kellogg’s is backfiring with the folks who are tagging the and urging them to stand strong in their decision to stay away from Breitbart and using hashtags like in their tweets in support of Kellogg’s decision.

Kellogg’s isn’t the first firm to pull away from advertising their wares on Breitbart, reports Salon. Target and Allstate have also joined Kellogg’s in staying away from buying ads on Breitbart due to the manner in which the companies believe Breitbart panders to alt-right and neo-Nazi belief systems.

As Kellogg’s has pulled away from Breitbart, as reported by Newser, a war of sorts has been launched after Kellogg’s drew a line in the proverbial advertising sand and stated that Breitbart is a news organization that is not “aligned with our values as a company.” As a result, consumers are deciding and declaring on social media whether or not they will purchase more Kellogg’s products, or choose to boycott Kellogg’s as Breitbart urged their readers to do.

Breitbart Kellogg's boycott
[Image by Candice Choi/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo from October 16, the Kellogg’s booth at a dietitians’ conference in Boston appeared in the midst of conflict-of-interest issues in the nutrition field, but on December 1, social media users were pulling out the big guns against Kellogg’s by bringing up a controversial video of a Kellogg’s factory worker relieving himself on a conveyor belt, as seen in the tweet below.

Warning: The tweet below contains footage that might be disturbing to some viewers.


The photo shows some Kellogg products, such as Pop-Tarts and Frosted Flakes, which consumers could either be filling their shopping carts with on Thursday or completely avoiding, based on which side of the Kellogg/Breitbart brouhaha they support.

FILE - This Feb. 1, 2012, file photo, shows Kellogg's cereal products, in Orlando, Fla. On its website, amid news of Pop-Tarts and Frosted Flakes, Kellogg touted a distinguished-sounding “breakfast council” of “independent experts” dedicated to guiding its nutritional efforts. Nowhere did it say that Kellogg paid the council members and spoon-fed them talking points about the benefits of cereal and breakfast, according to a copy of a contract and email exchanges obtained by The Associated Press. (AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

As seen in the sample comment from social media, the reaction to the Kellogg’s/Breitbart controversy is heated and contains a variety of differing opinions.

James Leslie Miller: “The best part of the whole thing is Breitbart trying to frame it as Kellogg’s being ‘bigoted.’ That’s pretty rich.”

Stephen Simpson: “‘Honey bunches of a**holes’: Internet eviscerates rightwing boycott of Kellogg’s with

: “What America needs to have is a Kellogg’s Boston Tea Party, throw that crap away and never buy it again, commie cereal makes me want to puke.”

: “Ima buy me a whole crate of Kellogg’s Pep.”

: “Great! DUMP Kellogg’s. UnAmerican company.”

: “ Keep it up! I will only buy Kellogg’s cereal from now on.

: “Apparently, Breitbart wasn’t happy that Kellogg’s didn’t make a cereal called Special KKK…”

: “ SUPPORT KELLOGG Stand against the promotion/normalization of NeoNazi/White Supremist ideology.”

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