Lisa Rinna’s Latest Bikini Selfie Shows Off Her Smoking Hot Body At 53

Lisa Rinna has just shared her post-Thanksgiving bikini snap, and her figure reveals what the reality TV star ate last week to celebrate Thanksgiving, according to People magazine. Or rather, what she didn’t eat.

Lisa Rinna took to Instagram on Sunday to post a sexy bikini-clad selfie. While she probably still had some leftovers at home, it could be suggested that Rinna didn’t eat any potatoes over the weekend!

Lisa Rinna’s body looks so enviable, and there is not even the slightest hint of potato-induced puffiness. Although there is no turkey on the background, Rinna definitely had turkey last week because, well, who didn’t?

But the lack of potato-induced puffiness on her slim body and the lack of turkey in the background are not the only takeaways from the bikini snap. On the Instagram selfie, Lisa Rinna also boasts a new two-piece, which was apparently a gift from her husband, Harry Hamlin.

And Hamlin sure knows what his loved one likes as the bikini is covered in a red lip print. In fact, red lips have become Lisa Rinna’s signature trait. In the caption to the photo, Rinna acknowledges that her hair is “different,” adding that she’s 53 years old, and she “f***ing owns it.”

There’s no telling if Lisa Rinna has actually changed her signature spiky ombré hair, or if she simply brushed it back for the Thanksgiving photo. And her own comment, “Yes my hair is different in this shot,” suggests that her hair looks different only in this snap.

While Lisa Rinna’s 18-year-old daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, is starting a promising modeling career and could become the new Gigi Hadid, she might find herself in trouble if her mother keeps stealing the spotlight by posting those sexy bikini shots.

This past summer, Delilah signed a contract with Elite Model Management. Lisa Rinna, meanwhile, is preparing for the return of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in December. The show’s last season proved that Rinna is definitely the key player of the show, which means that in this new season, fans should expect even more action from the 53-year-old actress.

Just because Lisa Rinna wears bikinis with red lips print doesn’t mean everyone is kissing and hugging her everywhere she goes. Not at all. As it turns out, even such recognizable celebs as Rinna can get a great deal of bad treatment on airplanes.

Lisa Rinna recently took her protective mother’s rage to Twitter to slam United Airlines for being rude to her child, according to Bravo TV. Although there’s no telling if Rinna is referring to daughter Delilah or her 15-year-old sister, Amelia Gray, but one thing is clear, which is United Airlines should’ve messed with Rinna’s family in the first place!

Although details of the incident are unclear, it was serious enough for Lisa Rinna to complain to her almost 500,000 Twitter followers that she is “not happy” about the treatment she and her daughter received when traveling with United Airlines.

Lisa Rinna took to Twitter to complain that staff of the airline were “very rude” to her daughter and added that all parents are “nervous” when their kids travel.

United Airlines responded promptly and asked Lisa Rinna to send them a direct message detailing the incident in question. But should the actress just move on? In fact, it was Rinna who suggested that the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will mark a “new chapter,” in which all the Housewives should move on.

So does Lisa Rinna have a new hairstyle after all? And does it mean that she has moved on and doesn’t hold grudges against her fellow Housewives? The new season of the show will debut on December 6.

[Featured Image by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]