Kelly Dodd Still Attacking Tamra Judge — ‘RHOC’ Stars Feuding On Social Media

Kelly Dodd is the resident pot stirrer on the Real Housewives of Orange County. She came in as the newbie and quickly befriended controversial star, Vicki Gunvalson against the advice of the other ladies. Dodd has made a name for herself because of her mouth and actions when she drinks, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Season 11 was hard for all of the ladies, and it really drove a wedge down the middle, with sides split very clearly.

Meghan King Edmonds recruited Kelly Dodd for the show, and she will not be returning next season. That leaves Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson alone to face off against the three other housewives. It has been a tough season, and the reunion didn’t seem to mend any broken friendships. Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow were all very crass with Dodd. While she isn’t their main target, they are not very happy with things she says out loud. According to All About the Tea, Kelly Dodd is calling out Tamra Judge on social media. There is a lot to be said, and the party is just getting started.

One thing about Kelly Dodd is she isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind. She has offended her co-stars over and over again with her mouth. From crude words to accusations that rocked the ladies, very little good came from when Dodd was drinking and filming. There has been some speculation the other women set her up, and it seems that nothing has been resolved from the reunion. Tamra Judge threw the first punch yesterday when she posted something about Michael Dodd dissing Andy Cohen on social media. The story had been all over, and Kelly decided to fight back.


Rumors had been swirling that there may have been some hormones involved in the fitness competition Tamra Judge entered and Kelly Dodd claims that is the truth. She has been slamming Judge at every turn, even mentioning the doctor who reportedly gives her the shots. Dodd isn’t someone who will keep your secrets to herself, and it is clear she knows a lot more than she is telling at this point. With the new can of worms Kelly opened with Judge, the anticipation of a confirmed cast list for the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 is high.

With the comments Michael Dodd made about Andy Cohen and the accusations Kelly Dodd made against Tamra Judge, the OC housewives are staying in the spotlight without trying too hard. Fans are waiting to see if any of the other ladies will jump on the bandwagon and slam Dodd along with Judge. There are so many dirty little secrets between the ladies that they all may just let these two go at it and sit on the sidelines to watch. From Shannon Beador reportedly being beaten by her husband to Heather Dubrow allegedly using bad language away from the cameras, a lot of things have been exposed.

One thing fans can count on is Kelly Dodd not backing down. She has remained strong through all of the attempts to break her, including the alleged set-ups from the other housewives. Her relationship with her husband is complicated at best and what he said about Andy Cohen isn’t on her despite how Tamra Judge feels. There have been some indicators that Dodd will be returning next season and some of the other ladies may not. Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County are torn on their feelings regarding Kelly Dodd, some love her, and others would prefer she just went away and didn’t return in any capacity.

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