'Southern Charm,' Things That Make You Go 'Ewww,' And Why Thomas Ravenel Is Always Around

In reality television, there are uncomfortable moments here and there that make fans feel like voyeurs, overhearing a comment or conversation that was meant to be private, but this season in particular, there have been comments made on Southern Charm that fans wish they hadn't heard, and Southern Charm fans of every walk of life are commenting on social media and in blogs about Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and his total obliviousness to the fine line between provocative and, well, creepy. And it seems like the uncomfortable recipient of these one-liners and cringeworthy dating advice is Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith.

It's no secret that Thomas Ravenel likes younger women, and as long as they are of legal age, that is his business. Before Ravenel got together with his Southern Charm co-star, Kathryn Dennis, Thomas, then 50, had no children, so if it was his plan to have kids, naturally, a woman his own age wouldn't have been a good choice. But there comes a time in everyone's life that they need to embrace adulthood, and at least find some friends their own age. And Southern Charm fans on Twitter agree.

" Hearing a 70 year old man talking about closing the deal in a bathroom is so gross. U and Whitney need to grow the hell up."
"She probably did write the content for that site because as said she has good 'oral' skills."
But in just two Southern Charm episodes, there have been a few moments where Ravenel elicited an "eww" reaction from fans and writers, one of which was when Whitney just happened to drop by to visit Thomas and explain that he was once again single after breaking up with his long-distance girlfriend, Larissa.


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Thomas, 54, seems to take Whitney, 48, under his wing, and impart some fatherly advice, telling Whitney to go out to bars every night, and make sure he "closes the deal on-site" before leaving a given boite. The Charleston City Paper, giving Ravenel the benefit of the doubt, initially wondered whether Thomas meant that Whitney shouldn't go home without getting a woman's telephone number or contact information?

But no, Ravenel "doubled down" and explained himself, saying that he meant that Whitney should be having nasty public bathroom sex.

"Not just once or twice, but, like, all the time. This is great because what better way to disrespect as many people as possible at once and turn your body into a cauldron of disease? Maybe Thomas is just a big James Joyce fan and likes to conflate weird bathroom stuff and sexual arousal. Or maybe the best way to enjoy an intimate exchange with another person is in the humid, crampness of a bus station restroom, your passionate moans muffled by the sound of frustrated bowel movements, flushing toilets, and the roar of hand dryers. Yes, this is really the best way to celebrate the single life."
Liz Farrell, of The Island Packet, Shep's hometown paper, also picked up on another creepy comment at Landon's ROAM celebration party. While Thomas told Landon how proud he was of her, he turned on a dime and snarked at Whitney, once again, and talked about how good Landon's "oral" skills are. Across the country, a tidal wave was nearly started, as women made that face as if all at once, they smelled something unpleasant. But Farrell took up for Landon. Well, sort of.
"Totally juvenile, dude. Can't a woman get her slice of the pie without a sad, puffy 60-year-old man-child bringing up her sexual prowess? Besides, Landon didn't write any of that stuff on her blog, according to Anna, who made sure the viewers knew who was doing all the work."
Add to that, on the premiere episode of Southern Charm, Thomas, in the pool at the party of a 19-year-old girl, announced that it was a topless party. Keeping it classy.

Do you think Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is amusing or vulgar when he whips out sexual innuendos?

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