‘Vikings’ Season 4 Part 2: What Is Lagertha’s Secret Plan?

Episode 11 (titled “The Outside”) of the Season 4 Part 2 premiere of History’s Vikings revealed Lagertha training her new girlfriend, Astrid. It seems Lagertha has a plan she is about to set in motion. However, she is not ready to reveal the reason for Astrid’s training just yet. So, what could Lagertha be planning in Season 4 of Vikings?

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 4 Part 2 of History Channel’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Even before Episode 11 of History’s Vikings revealed Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and her girlfriend, Astrid (Josefin Asplund), training, ET Online had released footage of the pair. Lagertha reveals there was a reason for the intensity of their training, yet doesn’t elaborate on what her motive really is.

History's 'Vikings,' Season 4 Part 2, Episode 11, Astrid
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So, what could Lagertha have in store that requires her and Astrid to be in peak condition and fight-ready in Season 4 Part 2 of Vikings?

Lagertha, the former wife of Vikings main character, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), has had a tough time up to this point. She has had her husband stolen from her, been involved with men who have only been interested in using her for power gains, and suffered miscarriages. However, throughout all her battles and obstacles, she has always come out on top, even killing her husband-to-be, Kalf (Ben Robson), rather than have him usurp her rule over Hedeby.

But, through all of this, Lagertha has remained friends with her first husband, Ragnar, and kept friendly ties between Hedeby and Kattegat. But could this be about to change in upcoming episodes of Vikings Season 4?

It has been revealed previously that Lagertha will come to loggerheads with her ex-husband’s current wife, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland).

Katheryn Winnick revealed to Showbiz Junkies that Lagertha feels Kattegat has not been looked after in the way she would have liked, moving forward into Season 4 Part 2 of Vikings.

“Going into [Season] 4, it’s really seeing how Kattegat is run and being extremely disappointed that it’s not ruled by the right ruler. With King Ragnar not necessarily being there and present as a king should be, and with Queen Aslaug running the show and not necessarily running it the proper way or the strongest way as a ruler to help the people. And I think for her, her dream was obviously to expand two different territories and also make Kattegat one of the largest trading centers. It’s her dream and she saw the potential of it. So, I think for her it’s a personal motivation but her heart is in the right place in wanting to do good for her Viking people.”

Besides the fact that Lagertha still holds Aslaug responsible for taking her husband and Kattegat from her, there is also the matter of the death of Lagertha’s granddaughter, Siggy, according to Monsters and Critics.

History's 'Vikings,' Season 4, Bjorn, Lagertha and baby Siggy
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Siggy was the daughter of Lagertha’s son, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), and Porunn (Gaia Weiss). While Bjorn was helping his father attack Paris, Siggy was left in the care of Aslaug in the first half of Season 4 of Vikings. Unfortunately, Aslaug was neglectful and Siggy was found drowned in a stream. It is unclear if Aslaug killed Siggy outright, or whether it was simply neglect that caused the death of the young child. However, it seems it is not something Lagertha has forgotten in a hurry, with Monsters and Critics revealing that viewers can “count on Aslaug answering for Siggy’s death.”

So, could Lagertha be planning an attack on Kattegat in retaliation for Aslaug taking all the things she loves away from her? Having Astrid preparing for battle would certainly indicate this, although, it is still unclear if Lagertha is training just Astrid, or if she is training an entire army. If it is Astrid alone she is getting fight-ready in Season 4 Part 2 of Vikings, could this mean Lagertha has a secret mission for Astrid? Only by tuning into History’s Vikings will reveal what Lagertha is truly up to.

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Vikings returns to History Channel with Episode 12 on December 7, Wednesday, at 9 p.m. ET.

The synopsis for Episode 12 (titled “The Vision”) is below.

“The Kattegat locals chide Ragnar that the gods have deserted him as he struggles to crew his voyage to Wessex. It’s Bjorn who has charisma now as he prepares to fulfill his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki. By contrast, Ragnar must accept weathered boats and a crew he has bribed but when Aslaug foresees that the fleet will be lost in a vicious storm her warnings go un-heeded by Ragnar and her precious son, Ivar.”

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