‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin’s Antics Continue, Ava Schemes, Carly Reaches Out To Sonny, And Laura Moves Forward With Kevin [Updated]

General Hospital spoilers detail that there is more on the way during Friday’s show with Valentin and his antics in Port Charles and Anna is determined to figure out how she knows him. Laura and Kevin have grown significantly closer now and Carly is looking to smooth things over with Sonny. However, Nelle has been playing dirty and viewers are anxious to see where things head next.

Anna and Valentin have been dancing around one another for a bit now and he clearly enjoys pushing her buttons. Anna feels certain that he is connected to the WSB somehow, and that she’s crossed paths with him before, but she can’t quite tie it all together. Viewers saw that he pulled out an old photo of Anna from the WSB days, but it will seemingly take a bit yet before this mystery is fully resolved. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Anna will reach out to Alexis to try to learn more about Valentin, and he’ll be spending more time with Nina.

The romance between Kevin and Laura has been progressing rather slowly, but Tracy told her to stop overthinking things and Laura surprised Kevin with a racy opportunity. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two will share some heartfelt moments during Friday’s show after being intimate and it looks like they are in a good place for now.

Lulu and Dante just spent some quality time celebrating their honeymoon and General Hospital spoilers share that they’ll face a shocker of some sort during the next show. Carly set aside her feelings for Jax and opened up to Sonny about all that’s happened, but he’s in a tough spot right now after Nelle led him to believe that they had slept together. Carly will talk with Sonny about how she wants them to be by one another’s side now and always, but fans know that Nelle’s antics will be causing some problems on this front.


Nobody knows what the real deal is with Nelle, but there are plenty of theories floating around. Actress Chloe Lanier teased some General Hospital spoilers via Michael Fairman’s On Air On Soaps noting that she does have a connection to Carly specifically, and there should be some juicy twists and turns on the way. During Friday’s show, a smitten Michael will try to persuade her to do something with him. While Nelle may continue to string Michael along a bit for now, she clearly is focused on destroying Carly and more should emerge on this front soon.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will voice some concerns about Curtis and Jason will be concerned that they are running out of time to figure out the truth about the car bombing and clear Sonny. In addition, Ava will decide to use Morgan’s death to her advantage. Both Sonny and Carly have been struggling a great deal since the car bombing, and it seems that Ava may see this as a prime opportunity to shake things up regarding Avery’s custody. Ava will also visit Julian, insisting that he needs to do something about Sonny, but she may end up taking matters into her own hands on this front.


Alexis drunkenly ran over Julian after an argument, and he has beckoned her to visit him as he works on his recovery. Friday’s episode should bring more on this front and General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will be facing consequences for all that’s transpired. Julian may have said that he didn’t remember what happened leading up to the accident, but it seems that Julian knows exactly what happened and he will use this to force a reunion or something of that nature from Alexis.

What’s the real deal with Valentin and could Julian actually succeed in truly reuniting with Alexis? Can Jason and Sam figure out the truth about Morgan’s supposed death and will Sonny and Carly successfully reunite? How far will Nelle go to shake things up and what is her motive for these antics? General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to get wild and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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