Melania Trump Change.Org Petition Gets 43,000 Facebook Likes: New Yorkers Refuse To Pay $1 Million A Day For Trump’s Wife To Live In Trump Tower

There is a petition getting plenty of buzz on Wednesday, November 30, and Melania Trump is the focus of the petition. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are the intended recipients of the petition. Titled “New Yorkers are refusing to pay over $1 million a day for Trump’s wife to live in NYC,” the petition has gained nearly 30,000 signatures and a whole lot of likes on Facebook.


The description of the petition explains that the creator and supporters don’t want soon-to-be First Lady Melania costing them more than $1 million per day to remain in New York City.

“This petition is to request Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio refuse the cost President-Elect Donald Trump is requesting so his wife can remain in New York. The New York taxpayers refuse to pay over $1 million a day so she can stay. If this decision has been made, between the two of them…they should be the ones to pay for it. Not New York taxpayer dollars that could be used on roads, schools, transit, sanitation, new jobs and other expenses that the city has.

“This is what tax dollars should be used for, improvements for the city and all the people of the city, not just one. Just Comella started this petition with a single signature, and now has 27,227 supporters.”

According to Trendolizer, the petition has rapidly swelled to 43,000 Facebook likes within hours, as seen in the trending graph below tracking such metrics.

Trend graph:

As seen in the featured photo above, President-elect Trump sits next to Melania, along with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan, on Thursday, November 10.

The following photos show Melania in other locations with Mr. Trump.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., left, shows President-elect Donald Trump, his wife Melania and Vice president-elect Mike Pence the view of the inaugural stand that is being built and Pennsylvania Avenue, from the Speaker's Balcony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

While the photo above shows Melania with President-elect Trump and VP-elect Pence on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., it is not clear how much time Melania will actually spend on Pennsylvania Avenue once President Obama and First Lady Michelle vacate the premises.

Once Mr. Trump let the public know that Melania would remain in Trump Tower in the middle of Manhattan — as least until Barron, who is 10 years of age, completes the school year — estimates of their security costing New York City more than $1 million a day began to make buzz, as reported by CNN Money.

President-elect Trump also noted that he would travel home from the White House to Trump Tower pretty often as well, causing the logistics of protecting President Trump and First Lady Melania in such a busy city as politicos atop a skyscraper in a penthouse to necessitate money to cover the costs of security.

President-elect Donald Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania, speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, after meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

In order to keep a close watch on Trump, the Secret Service is thinking of renting a floor in Trump Tower to protect the Trump family, reports CNN. The implications that the government could filter money into Trump’s pockets by renting a floor in Trump Tower caused controversy, along with the number of NYPD police officers potentially needed to keep Donald and Melania safe.

The publication reports that as many as 300 New York Police Department officers might be needed to keep the Trumps safe, meaning it would cost more than $1 million per day in order to secure the future president.

One of the comments on the petition notes that Melania could indeed choose to remain in Trump Tower, but the commenter felt that Mr. Trump should pay for the cost of security.

“If Mrs. Trump declines the honor of living in the White House that’s a personal decision and Trump should personally pick up security tab — not taxpayers.”

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]