WWE News: Former World Champion Signs New Contract To Return To Company

On WWE Monday Night Raw this week, the main event was yet another great women’s championship match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. The show took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is the home of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and WWE rumors leaked before the show that he was backstage.

Sure enough, Ric Flair made an appearance before his hometown crowd after his daughter lost her women’s title to Sasha Banks. However, it was Sasha Banks that Flair came down to see and congratulate for the hard fought win. He raised Sasha’s hand and hugged her after the match. 411mania reported that the WWE signed Ric Flair to a new deal hours before Monday Night Raw aired.

There is no word on what role Ric Flair will take on with the WWE, but he is supposed to become a regular on Monday Night Raw once again. The last time Flair was part of the WWE, he managed his daughter Charlotte’s career.

That ended when Charlotte fired him on air and then said that she disowned him as her father. Flair left the ring in tears and Charlotte moved on to bring in former NXT talent Dana Brooke to be her sidekick and help her when matches got out of control.

The direction of Charlotte’s WWE career was really up in the air. She lost her women’s title to Sasha Banks before SummerSlam and then won it back almost immediately. Sasha won it again and lost it again. Now that Sasha Banks has won the belt again, one has to wonder if this title reign will last longer. With Ric Flair back, it could turn the tide.

The big thing to take out of this is that Charlotte has never lost a WWE pay-per-view match since coming to the main roster. This is something the WWE has been touting each and every PPV event. If Sasha Banks defends her title against Charlotte in December, there is no reason to think she won’t lose the belt again.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the WWE is trying to get Ronda Rousey to come and compete at WrestleMania next year. The biggest idea would be for Rousey to battle Stephanie McMahon, but the rumors actually have her fighting Charlotte with Sasha Banks battling Bayley for the women’s title. If that happens, Charlotte doesn’t need to win the title back.

However, with Ric Flair coming in as a regular member of the Monday Night Raw roster, many old-school fans just have to look back and remember Sting. Many times over their career, Ric Flair and Sting would team and Flair would always betray Sting. One wonders if the same thing could happen to Sasha Banks.


There are only two really good ideas for Ric Flair if he is coming back as a regular in the WWE ring. The first is to take Mick Foley’s place as general manager on Monday Night Raw. This could work well when it comes to Stephanie McMahon using Ric Flair to make Charlotte fight her battles for her against Ronda Rousey down the line.

The second idea is that of a managerial role for Ric Flair. Of course, Ric Flair would be best served as the manager for Charlotte, but that is hard to explain after the way that Charlotte shamed him before.

The second idea is that Ric Flair could manage Sasha Banks, which could lead to him eventually betraying her to help Charlotte. Whatever happens, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is coming back to the WWE and it all started this week on Raw.

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