Jaden Jordan: Brooklyn Toddler, 3, Fighting For Life Following Months Of Alleged Torture And Abuse

A three-year-old child named Jaden (misspelled by several sources as "Jayden") Jordan is fighting for his life in the hospital from a skull fracture that police allege was caused by his stepfather.

Unfortunately, the toddler now lays unresponsive at Manhattan's Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center after he succumbed to injuries from a brutal beating purportedly imparted on him by his currently jailed stepfather, 24-year-old Salvatore Lucchesse, according to a New York Post report.

On Monday afternoon at around 4:30 p.m., police and ambulance workers were called to the "marijuana reeking" Gravesend apartment that Jayden shared with Lucchesse and his mother, Raven Haynes. Once there, they found the boy unconscious with a severe head wound and feces spread all over his body.

According to Lucchesse, who had been requested by Haynes to babysit her child, Jaden, at some point during the day, accidentally released his bowels on himself. After placing the boy into the bath to help him clean up, Lucchesse stated that Jaden managed to slip and fall face first into the tub, which caused the trauma to his head and chest.

Instead of calling directly for help, Lucchesse first reached out to Haynes, who returned home and finally called 911 for her gravely injured son.

After being rushed to Coney Island Hospital, doctors discovered that along with the head and chest injuries, Jaden has also suffered severe damage to his liver and spleen. A mandatory call was then placed to ACS to report the findings, where workers ultimately discovered that just three days prior, an anonymous report regarding Jaden's well-being had been made by a neighbor.

According to the notice, the witness caught wind of rumors that the child had, among other things, been forced to sleep inside of a dog crate every night. ACS immediately responded to the shocking claims, but unfortunately, they were given the wrong address, and the investigation could not proceed, which meant the matter was subsequently dropped.

In a statement regarding the outcome of the Jaden Jordan investigation, a spokesperson for the service expressed sympathy over the life-affecting flub.

"The NYC Administration for Children's Services is saddened by this upsetting news," the statement reads. "We are investigating the circumstances that led to this incident."

Adding to speculation regarding Lucchesse's involvement in the matter, a Spanish-speaking neighbor relayed to Eyewitness News that she witnessed a man carrying Jaden's "lifeless" body into the ambulance following the incident before calmly walking back into the home as if nothing had happened.

Other residents said that they often heard commotions coming from Jayen's home, but most assumed that there was nothing out of the ordinary occurring.

"[I] heard the baby crying," one unnamed witnessed claimed. "I heard cries, but [babies] always cry."

"I'm shocked," another neighbor, Richard Garbaras, added. "If I seen it, I would never let that happen to a child. It would kill me in my heart to see that happen. I'm heartbroken."

Garbaras was further alarmed by the fact that he often saw a very happy Jaden being treated like "gold" by other family members.

"The grandmother [spoiled] him up and down the block, and I [once] told her, 'You are grandmother of the year,'" he recalled.

Sources connected to the case say that Jaden Jordan is now brain-dead and might never wake up. Following hours of questioning, Lucchesse was ultimately charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. His first court appearance was said to have taken place on Wednesday morning. There has been no word if Jaden's mother will face any charges.

This post was edited on 12/5/16 to note the correct spelling of Jaden Jordan's name.

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