Cyber Monday Deals Week At Amazon Continues: You Can Save 70 Percent And More This Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean Amazon has stopped the sales. Amazon extended Cyber Monday for a week and continues to bring huge savings and deals to holiday shoppers. You can save 70 percent and more on the site through many time-sensitive deals. Amazon is releasing new deals every 5 minutes and even has a holiday shopping, deals app for savvy consumers who don’t want to miss their chance to save big. There are several ways to find the best Cyber Monday deals this week, and these include navigating various categories on the site. Once you know how to track down the deals with the greatest savings, you’ll find that accessing the best deals isn’t as difficult as it might seem. If you don’t have time to navigate the entire Amazon site, you might find that downloading the free deals app is the best way to save both time and money.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals week differs from other retailers, as it isn’t just a conglomeration of various items marked down in one new category. Amazon offers sales and deals on a continual basis in every category on their site. Additionally, they have time-sensitive deals on a regular basis. These include Amazon’s daily deals, gold box deals, and lightning deals. Every major sale such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s, etc. will include the basic deals such as gold box, lightning, and daily deals in addition to other specials. As Amazon is both its own retailer and an outlet for other retailers to sell their wares, deals are vast and varied. Prime members enjoy additional benefits such as free two-day shipping on Prime items, and this can be a huge benefit for holiday shoppers. Prime members also get early access to select daily deals, gold box deals, and lightning deals.

When first accessing the Cyber Monday deals week page, you’ll find products from the daily deals, lightning deals, and gold box deals. These items are often discounted at a great price but are time sensitive. You’ll be able to see how long you have until the deal expires on each item’s description. When you browse towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find more options for searching deals, as well as more time-sensitive deals featured. The left side of the page is where you can set options for finding the best deals. There are two ways to approach this. You may look for deals based on type and features according to the options on the Cyber Monday deals week, or you can go to an Amazon department page, look at the top of the page and choose sales and deals. Both options will bring you to the same choices and items for sale.

If you go through one of the sales and deals link on an Amazon department page, you’ll find the same type of options as found on the Cyber Monday deals week to the left. One of these options includes setting the amount of discount you’d like to apply to the sale. Choices include finding deals that are 10 percent off and more, 25 percent off and more, 50 percent off and more and 70 percent off and more. Those who want to save the most on their holiday shopping should choose deals that are 70 percent off and more. Try going to the watches section and choosing 70 percent off. You’ll be amazed that you can save hundreds and even thousands on top, designer name brands this Christmas. Keep in mind, not every Amazon department has current sales that are 70 percent of and more, as Amazon sales come and go quickly. If you check regularly or use the deals app, you’re certain to find them. You can find current Cyber Monday deals at 70 percent off here.

Cyber Monday deals week is a great time for holiday savings, and as more retailers offer online sales, it’s possible that holiday shopping trends will change. Though Black Friday continued to draw large crowds to stores, there are many people who feel it is inappropriate to spend Thanksgiving camped out in front of a brick and mortar store to buy items. Some protest by waiting a week or two for their holiday shopping and others choose not to take advantage of in-store deals, sales and doorbusters entirely. Online Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals offer solutions to those shoppers conflicted between spending time with family in the traditional setting and racing to a store as soon as the doors open. When retailers like Walmart and Amazon extend their online Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the response is great.

Last year, Amazon ran Christmas sales until the day of Christmas and immediately followed with deep discounts for their after holiday sales. If these trends continue, brick and mortar shopping for the holidays may become a thing of the past. With Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals week, more people can shop from the comfort of their own home and still scoop up the best holiday deals.

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