Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar Officially Welcome 20th Child Into Their Family

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar might not be able to have more children, but it turns out that they have added a 20th child to their family. In Touch Weekly has shared that the Duggar family now have custody of another child. They originally had temporary custody of the boy, but it has now become a permanent thing.

The new child to the Duggar family is Michelle and Jim Bob’s great nephew. Their mother was unable to take care of him, so he has now joined the family. As of right now, the Duggars are staying quiet about what is going on with him. His mother is Michelle’s niece, Rachel Hutchins, and she reportedly suffered scandals financial setbacks and had problems with the law. At the time, the Duggars were given guardianship of him. At this time, the name of the child has not been released.

A source shared that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar couldn’t be happier right now. It sounds like they are really enjoying having the 8-year-old boy in their home. The source went on to say, “Jim Bob and Michelle have made the child feel right at home. They treat him like their own and he looks up to them as parents.” The source went on to say that the Duggar children have made him feel welcome at their house, too. This makes it twenty kids for the Duggars, but they have four of them not living at home already and married living on their own. The amount of grandchildren for Jim Bob and Michelle just keeps growing.

There have been some rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar might be getting a divorce, but this couple seems happier than ever right now. Heavy shared a bit about the rumors flying that the Duggars wouldn’t be staying married. The rumors have been that Josh Duggar and his scandals are the cause plus some money issues. Jim Bob and Michelle actually shut down this rumor, though. They went to the family Facebook page and shared a picture of them kissing along with the headline saying they are getting a divorce. Along with it, the couple posted the caption, “Don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids! Michelle and I have been married for over 32 years and are more in love than ever!” Right now, it looks like the Duggars are doing just fine. You wouldn’t think that they would add another child to a family that was about to split.

Jessa and Ben Seewald and Jill and Derick Dillard have been very open about the fact that they plan to adopt in the future. It wouldn’t be shocking at all if news came out that either of these couples had added more children to their family as well in the future. For now, Jessa is pregnant, and Jill has shared that she is trying. Jinger Duggar just got married, so news of her having a baby could be coming soon. The Duggar family seems to be constantly growing and adding this 20th child to the family doesn’t surprise anyone at all. It sounds like this was the perfect fit for the young boy.

Are you surprised to hear that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have added another child to their family? Do you think that this is the best place for the child to be? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Counting On when it starts airing again on TLC in January. The fans are hopeful that this young boy will end up being on the show as well at some point, but the Duggars will make the decision they feel like is best.

[Featured Image by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]