Katie Maloney Defended By Tom Schwartz: Fans Think Marriage Was A Mistake?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have had their ups and downs over the last couple of years, and their problems have been featured on Vanderpump Rules. On this week’s episode, Tom went to visit a therapist, and Bravo decided to show some old footage of them fighting because of Katie’s drinking. Years ago, Katie would lose control after she had been drinking, and they would fight about how she would feel insecure. But she had her reasons, as Tom later admitted that he had cheated on her and made out with another girl. While many people are trying to warn Tom about getting married to Maloney, he’s now coming to his wife’s defense.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is currently facing quite a bit of backlash because of her behavior. Schwartz has revealed that Maloney has changed — and not for the better — after making peace with Stassi Schroeder. He felt that Katie was slowly becoming one of the mean girls, and his comments really resonated with viewers. Now, they feel that Stassi, Katie, and Kristen Doute are the three mean girls of Vanderpump Rules. And one person even wrote to Schwartz slamming Katie Maloney’s behavior.

“You married a childish mean girl. Scheana Marie needs to stop drinking Katie’s coolaid,” one person wrote to Tom Schwartz, who immediately defended his wife’s actions, writing, “some rough moments yeah but she’s so much more than that! Appreciate you watching and taking time to share thoughts though.”

It is admirable that Tom is defending Katie Maloney after their summer wedding, especially admitting that they do have their issues. That’s one of the curses of reality television — everyone knows your troubles, your fights, and people use social media to attack you. Luckily, Katie Maloney can handle the criticism.

“I’m just fine. Remember these are mere moments, on a tv show. Just sit back and enjoy,” Katie replied to both her husband and the Twitter follower, who wrote back to both Katie and Tom with, “Careful, if she sees you tweet to a hater she will cut you out of her life. j/k hope she figures life out before she loses you. I always thought she was nice B4, when [Stassi] and Kristen came back they made her a mean girl. She’s mean and petty on the show now.”

Some viewers don’t like criticizing Katie, but one person did point out how graceful Tom was in handling the criticism of his wife. And some people could see what he meant when he had expressed concern about his changing wife, especially after she became friends with Stassi again.

“See how sweet and diplomatic Tom is w/his responses. Katie, u could use a lesson or 2 from him!U r not above him,” another person wrote back to Katie, pointing out how she’s very aggressive compared to Tom, who takes people’s opinions to heart.

Of course, Maloney and Schwartz get married later this season, and their wedding will be featured later this season. But before the wedding airs, Katie and Tom will fight some more, and a fight about their sex life will be featured on next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. While Maloney wants a man who defends her, she also wants an active sex life. But one has to wonder what she does to keep the sex alive.

What do you think of Tom Schwartz getting some mean messages about his decision to marry Katie Maloney? Do you think he could see that the good times outweighed the bad, or do you think he will eventually come to regret his decision because he already had concerns about Maloney’s behavior before they got married?

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