‘Kate Plus 8’ Collin: Ongoing Issues Prevented Boy From Attending His Own Birthday Party

Kate Plus 8 star Collin is reportedly having issues which prevented him from attending his own birthday party. Although Kate Gosselin said it was “tough” to celebrate the occasion without her son, she insisted the 12-year-old boy requires residential care at this time.

Despite the fact that Collin was unable to attend the party, his siblings, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, and Leah, who also turned 12 on May 10, enjoyed the extravagant celebration.

As reported by US Weekly, the birthday party, which was attended by family and friends, included a clown, a money booth, a piñata, and an elaborate scavenger hunt.

The Kate Plus 8 mom said she was sorry Collin’s issues prevented him from joining the celebration. However, she “was comforted knowing that each of [her] children [were] receiving what they need.”

Jon and Kate Plus 8 was a reality television program that debuted in in 2007. The popular show featured parents Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children, which consisted of one set of twins, born in 2000, and a set of sextuplets, born in 2004.

As the couple divorced in 2009, the final episode of the original series aired on November 23 that year. Beginning in June 2010, Jon’s participation in the program was limited, and the series was renamed Kate Plus 8.

In August 2016, Kate Gosselin admitted her son Collin was struggling with “emotional and social challenges.” In an effort to help him “deal with things,” the 41-year-old reality television star placed her son in a residential facility.

Although it is unclear when the boy was admitted to the facility, Jon Gosselin said he had not seen his son “in over a year and a half.”

Amid their 2009 legal separation and divorce, Kate was granted full custody of the couple’s eight children. However, Jon was granted visitation rights.

In a recent interview, Jon said Kate admitted placing their son “in a special school” for children with behavioral issues and special needs.” However, his former wife did not confirm the facility’s name or location.

As reported by E! News, the Kate Plus 8 father confirmed Collin has issues, but he said the boy “seemed fine” the last time he saw him.

Kate Gosselin claims she was simply following the doctors’ advice. She insists residential care “is the best thing” for her 12-year-old son at this time. Jon, however, disagrees.

Although the Kate Plus 8 father is prohibited from discussing Collin’s issue with the media, his attorney confirmed he is concerned about his son’s welfare. According to reports, Jon is considering legal action to compel his former wife to keep him informed about his son’s condition and treatment.

As Jon and Kate, and their children, have been the subjects of a popular reality television program for 10 seasons, their personal lives have been under constant scrutiny. The family’s willingness to share the intimate details of their struggles only fueled the gossip and rumors.

Most recently, social media users criticized Kate Gosselin for throwing an elaborate birthday party when she knew Collin was unable to attend.

Twitter user “Concerned Chick” said, “Kate HAD to film the birthday party Collin couldn’t even attend… cruel mom.” User “Bigbro411” said, “I understand Collin was sent away to get help. But… couldn’t attend a family birthday party? That’s very strange.”

Although his mother planned an incredible birthday party for his siblings, Kate Plus 8 star Collin was reportedly having too many issues to attend. Despite a lot of criticism, Kate Gosselin has strongly defended her decision. Jon Gosselin has not commented on the party or his former wife’s decision about their son’s attendance.

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