‘Vikings’ Season Premiere: What Can We Expect Tonight?

The long-awaited Vikings season premiere is finally here, and fans of the hit History Channel show are certainly in for a variety of tricks and treats. With advertisements for the show promising to showcase “tragedy, calamity, death, and destruction,” it can only mean one thing: the best-ever Vikings season premiere on record!

With this in mind, we’ve put together this list of four things we can expect tonight on the show, which airs at 9:00 p.m. EST on The History Channel. Check your local listings for the channel.

1. Ivar The Boneless will be Ragnar’s Heir-Apparent

One of the most interesting things about the Vikings season premiere is that we, as the audience, already know what’s going to happen, especially if we’ve been paying attention in history class. And as the University Herald tells us, the heir apparent to Ragnar’s reign of Kattegat is none other than Ivar The Boneless. While Bjorn will, temporarily, have control over the clans, he will ultimately find himself shipped off to the Mediterranean to make his name be known there.

2. Ragnar will be settling some scores in England

Remember when King Ecbert wiped out the Viking settlement in Wessex? Ragnar certainly hasn’t forgotten. And in tonight’s Vikings season premiere, he’s going to be settling some outstanding scores in England with his frenemy, King Ecbert. Rotten Tomatoes recently sat down with series creator Michael Hirsch, who confirmed that Ragnar (played by Travis Fimmel) would be England-bound tonight.

“Ragnar disappears because he’s been defeated and he’s licking his wounds, and time passes. And in that time that he’s away, his sons grow up. That step forward is just long enough for the children to become young adults, and then Ragnar comes back into their lives. And he comes back for two reasons. One: We know that he loves his sons, and he wants to find out what’s happened to them. And the second thing is he has unfinished business in England.”

3. Ragnar and Bjorn will be butting heads

Father-son relationships are never easy, and that’s doubly true for the relationship between Ragnar and his eldest son, Bjorn (and his only son with his beloved Lagertha). According to IGN, tonight’s Vikings season premiere will feature just how bad the conflicts between Ragnar and Bjorn have gotten in the years since Ragnar’s been gone.

The outlet recently sat down with Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn on the series, and he confirmed that the two have a lot of issues to resolve.

“This season in particular is why I signed up for the show, because I knew it was going to go here: the conflict between Ragnar and Bjorn. His father’s old now, and he’s got to break away from that and seek to do amazing things that he’s always dreamed about doing, even greater than his father. That’s why I’m so excited about this season. I think it’s going to be a huge change for everybody.”

4. Ragnar’s death is coming

Yes, folks, it’s inevitable: Ragnar is going to die. No spoiler alerts needed here. If you were awake during high school history classes, you know how he’s going to die, and by whose hands. The only question that remains is, will tonight’s Vikings season premiere show us the answer we’ve all been expecting?

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[Featured Image by History Channel]