Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan ‘Disciplined’ On British TV [Video]

A British talk show host tried to rhetorically jerk Cesar Millan’s leash but the Dog Whisperer stayed “calm and assertive” during the confrontation.

Alan Titchmarsh, a UK afternoon chat show host, accused Millan, who was a guest on the show, of abusing dogs (see video below). This occurred after British social media users tried to get the Millan’s appearance cancelled because of animal cruelty claims.

During the contentious interview, Titchmarsh insisted that Millan had punched a dog in the throat and that he’s used electronic shock collars on canines.

The host’s allegations seemed sketchy. If you watch the Dog Whisperer show on the National Geographic Channel, have you ever seen Cesar Millan punch a dog in the throat?

Millan responded respectfully that he touches (or sometime lightly kicks) a dog to gain the animal’s attention and to get it out of an overly excited mental state.

Contrary to what the host of the UK show contended, to regular viewers of his highly popular NatGeo show, that hardly seems like abuse.

As a self-trained, self-made dog psychologist, Cesar Millan also noted that when growing in Mexico, he had to improvise in developing his training techniques. As mentioned above, during his intense dialogue with Titchmarsh, Millan stayed calm and assertive, which is what he recommends to the human owners of unruly dogs.

Regardless of what some people in the UK think about his techniques, with his TV show, books, and personal appearances, Millan is a millionaire, although he had to part with a big chunk of his fortune in a divorce settlement earlier this year.

London’s Daily Mail reports that Millan charges A-List Hollywood celebrities an astounding $100,000 to train a dog on his 43-acre dog psychology center/ranch in California. Millan’s signature catchphrase is that he “rehabilitates dogs and trains people.”

Are you a fan of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer? Was Alan Titchmarsh out of line in his allegations?

Watch Cesar Millan on the Alan Titchmarsh Show:

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