World’s Strongest Beer: 130 Proof Armageddon Beer To Debut In November

There’s a new contender for the world’s strongest beer. Scotland’s Brewmeister Brewery will be releasing Armageddon, a 65 percent alcohol by volume, or 130 proof beer at the Inverness Beer Festival this November.

The Guinness Book of World Records hasn’t certified Armageddon as the world’s strongest beer yet but Brewmeister has already slapped the “world’s strongest beer” title on its label. The Miami New Times reports that the BrewDog brewery, also from Scotland, is the current record holder. Oddly enough, BrewDog’s beer also references the end of the world. The End Of History beer has a 55 ABV.

Brewmesiter Brewery brewer (say that 10 times fast) Jon MacKenzie said:

“The beer has a viscous quality to it, due to the special freeze fermentation method we use to produce such a high alcoholic beer.”

CBS explains that the beer, made with crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and spring water, is frozen during the brew process in order to get a higher alcohol content. Freezing the beer allows the brewery to remove excess water since alcohol doesn’t freeze.

The world’s strongest beer will make its debut next month. Patrons at the Inverness Beer Festival will be able to take shots of the beer for about $8. A bottle of Armageddon will cost about $50.

And just for comparison’s sake, here’s a look at the ABV in other liquors.

  • Budweiser, 5%
  • Glass of red wine, 12%
  • Shot of whiskey, 40%
  • Armageddon, the world’s strongest beer, 65%

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