Sheree Whitfield On Bob Whitfield: ‘RHOA’ Star Flattered Her Ex Wants Her Back?

Sheree Whitfield knows how to keep going when she faces a setback. When Sheree started building her home years ago, Whitfield was convinced that it wouldn’t take long for her to build her massive home. The contractors that started the project projected that she would be in the home by Christmas 2010. However, that clearly didn’t work, as she didn’t move into the home until 2016. She faced some hurdles along the way, including financial setbacks and some horrible contractors, but she kept going.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield is now opening up about how she feels about her ex-husband wanting her back. On this season of the show, Bob Whitfield has expressed an interest in getting back with his ex-wife, Sheree, and he has really made an effort to put her first and their children. But Whitfield has some severe trust issues and she isn’t exactly eager to move him back into her home.

Of course, Sheree has worked very hard to complete her home and she has worked very hard to build her massive home. And maybe Bob is realizing that his ex-wife really knows how to take care of herself and manage her money well, so he wants to give their relationship another try. But Sheree isn’t so quick to move him back in, because she remembers how he betrayed her and their children when he decided to cheat on her several times.

“As I’ve said in the past, I’ve never had an ex that didn’t want me back. LOL! All jokes aside, I’m just happy that Bob and I are able to co-parent and enjoy each other’s company again,” Sheree Whitfield explains in an interview with Bravo, sharing, “As of now, there are no vacancies at Chateau Shereé.”

While filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield revealed that she had no plans of moving him into her house. Sheree had made his and her closets and there is plenty of space for another person, but Whitfield isn’t dating anyone. She has revealed that she’s not dating anyone, but she wants to open to love. But that doesn’t mean that she will forgive Bob Whitfield for his cheating. While they can be friends, it would be a stretch for him to move into her home.

And it really comes down to the betrayal that she felt when she learned that Bob had cheated on her. He had chosen his sexual desires over his family, as he cheated on Sheree Whitfield and betrayed both her and their children. And that seems to be what Kandi Burruss is reliving on this season of the show, as Riley’s father wants to be in her life. But Kandi felt betrayed by him, as he had turned his back on her and their daughter, Riley. So it makes sense that both Kandi and Sheree aren’t eager to open up their homes and hearts to these men.

“I can empathize with Kandi as we have shared similar struggles. As a single mom and a daughter who went through the same disappointments with my own dad, my heart goes out to any woman that has experienced parenting challenges,” Sheree Whitfield explained about the situation with Kandi Burruss and her ex-partner Block.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s comments about her ex-boyfriends always wanting her back? Do you think he will eventually let Bob move into her massive home so he can be closer to the children, or do you think she will stand her ground and make him work for their relationship again?

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