WWE News: Jim Ross Talks McMahon Vs. Triple H At ‘Royal Rumble,’ Plus Rousey, Angle, Or Undertaker Could Appear

In WWE news, Jim Ross had some great suggestions for the Royal Rumble in regards to Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon, Triple H, and the Undertaker. WWE’s pay-per-view the Royal Rumble will take place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, on January 29, 2017, and it’s already being speculated on in the news. It’s considered one of the “Big 4” pay-per-views of the year, and many consider it the runner-up to Wrestlemania.

WWE News: Jim Ross Speculates On the Royal Rumble

On Monday, November 28, Paul Heyman broke the news on Raw that since Goldberg would be an entrant in the Royal Rumble, then Brock Lesnar would be as well. On the Ross Report, Jim had some speculation on this WWE news.

“I suggest that both [Goldberg and Lesnar] will eliminate the other…That would lead to their re-match—of the re-match—at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. It seems to me, that with as much WWE has invested in both these men, that Wrestlemania is the only right place to blow it off…The Story line has to come to another big pop, which could happen at the Rumble.”

The legendary commentator also suggested that the WWE book a couple of strong “non-Rumble” special attraction matches; one of them being Shane McMahon versus Triple H. He would go on to state that the match will “absolutely” take place in the future, but only time will tell if that’s at the Royal Rumble.

The duo eventually facing each other makes sense. They are brothers-in-law and part of WWE management, McMahon being the on-screen Commissioner of Smackdown Live, so a story line would be easy enough to concoct between the two. In 1999, the pair faced each other and the WWE universe would no doubt love to see them square off again. Many people have speculated that the WWE would give news that they will have a match at Wrestlemania; but no matter where the match happens, if it happens, it’s sure to be a great contest.

Jim Ross suggested that the other special attraction feature could involve the Undertaker. The Undertaker recently had hip surgery so it’s unclear if he would be healthy enough to compete at the Royal Rumble. It’s also possible that if he does compete, that he could be in the Royal Rumble match itself. And if he were to win, he would go onto face the champion. With “The Dead Man” being in the twilight of his career, that would be a happening that the WWE universe would look forward to with great curiosity and anticipation.

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On the podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame inductee also interviewed “Broken” Matt Hardy in character. It’s a compelling and unique conversation that wrestling fans will enjoy listening to.

WWE News & Rumors: Possible Participants In The Royal Rumble

Every year, the Royal Rumble match has surprise entrants. Sometimes they are legends of yesteryear, like the time Diamond Dallas Page showed up in 2015, or brand new WWE superstars like when AJ Styles showed up in 2016. With the pay-per-view only two months away, many news outlets and wrestling pundits are speculating on this year’s surprise entrants; one of them being Kurt Angle.

Its old news that Kurt Angle will probably show up in the WWE again, assuming that with all of his injuries he could pass the wellness test, but his return could very well be in January. Forbes also weighs in on this WWE news.

“It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ we will see Kurt Angle back in WWE. If WWE has any concrete plans in having Angle back for one final run to end his Hall of Fame career, the Royal Rumble is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

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They also indicated that it was possible for Ronda Rousey to make an appearance. Recently, Rousey stated on Ellen that she would be retiring soon. She is scheduled to face Amanda Nunes for the UFC Bantamweight Championship on December 30, 2016, and win or lose that might be her last match. Even if it’s not, she still could show up in January.

Rousey has appeared at Wrestlemania 31, and she is a known fan of the business. She has also stated that she wants to be in the WWE one day. At one point, UFC President Dana White didn’t want Rousey involved with wrestling. But with Brock Lesnar recently competing for both the UFC and the WWE, this may allow some wiggle room for Rousey to make an appearance even if she becomes UFC champion. It’s also possible that the WWE would want to save her debut or appearance for Wrestlemania, but the idea of Rousey being an actual participant in the Rumble match is very intriguing.


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Whether or not the WWE gives news that Triple H will face Shane McMahon, or if the audience gets stunned by an appearance by Angle or Rousey, one thing is for sure; the Royal Rumble will undoubtedly provide plenty of surprises.

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