'Criminal Minds' On CBS Will Probably Be Renewed Even Without Thomas Gibson And Shemar Moore, What Other Shows Are At Risk?

Criminal Minds, now without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, is losing viewers. Ratings are at their lowest point ever for the crime drama, which still features Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness.

CBS has other problems, though. Most of their shows are down in ratings, and they are not alone. Most networks are experiencing a decline. No one is sure why, though some are blaming the various other means of viewing their shows as well as delayed viewing. Could Hulu and Netflix be to blame? No one knows, but generally, TV viewership is down across the board.

Criminal Minds is not likely to be canceled at the end of Season 12, even without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, according to TV By The Numbers. The show's ratings have been very good, until this season, and so many CBS shows are doing even worse, that it is highly probable Criminal Minds will get another opportunity next season to improve their ratings.

When Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore were on the show, ratings were definitely higher, but Criminal Minds is still ranking sixth among all the other CBS shows for the coveted 18 to 49 demographic, and eleventh overall, according to TV Series Finale. Since 21 shows were listed, Criminal Minds is probably safe since it seems to be at least average in ratings.

CBS fired Thomas Gibson and that has been a huge sticking point for many previously faithful viewers. Shemar Moore's absence though voluntary is still being mourned by fans as well.

A #NoHotchNoWatch protest for Thomas Gibson is still going strong over on twitter. Named for their favorite character Aaron Hotchner, affectionately called Hotch, who was played by Gibson, the protest now has over a dozen hashtags and is fighting to get Gibson's job back.

Criminal Minds could still go either way according to TV Line, but TV By The Numbers assures viewers that with Pure Genius a "dead show walking" and Elementary, Code Black, and The Odd Couple "likely to be canceled" by May, Criminal Minds is "likely to be renewed" for next season.

Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds
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Thomas Gibson fans are making an impact with #NoHotchNoWatch. TV By The Numbers mentioned the protesters who are #StillMissingHotch. Apparently, though, the show will continue into Season 13.

"A vocal (though who knows how large) contingent of Criminal Minds fans vowed to drop the show after the dismissal of long-time star Thomas Gibson before the start of this season. The show's numbers suggest some of them followed through on the threat. Just not enough to put Criminal Minds in danger."
Criminal Minds will likely be renewed this week according to TV By The Numbers.
"Criminal Minds has hit series lows twice already this season. Yet the Bear is upgrading it to a likely renewal this week... CBS' renew/cancel standings for week 10 of the 2016-17 season are bullish on a veteran show despite its lowest-ever ratings."
Thomas Gibson and Kirsten Vangsness
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CBS shows like The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Bull, and Kevin Can Wait are definitely worth their weight, and in years past Criminal Minds would have been ranking among those.

Criminal Minds protesters at #NoHotchNoWatch are making an impact, along with other viewers who just miss seeing Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore on the show. There is no doubt that the loss of Hotch and Moore's character Derek from the show is hurting their ratings, but perhaps CBS could remedy the problem if they wanted to.


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CBS is still outperforming ABC and NBC as well as Fox who will likely dump Scream Queens and The Exorcist. Fox has already renewed the Simpsons for Season 30 as well as Bob's Burgers and Empire which are their best performers.

Criminal Minds, without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, is having a difficult time retaining viewers, but will likely be picked up again for Season 12. The show might bring in more viewers, and end their ratings drop completely if they could recover Hotch and Derek.

Will CBS consider strengthening Criminal Minds by bringing back Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore for Season 13?

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