Jessica Ridgeway’s Accused Killer Appears In Court, Austin Sigg’s Friends Speak Out

The case of missing girl Jessica Ridgeway came to a sad conclusion with confirmation she had been murdered, and 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg was arrested in connection with her abduction and death, reportedly after his mother became suspicious and called police.

Austin Sigg appeared in court today for the first time in the Jessica Ridgeway murder case, and the prosecution indicated intent to try the teen as an adult in the girl’s death.

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey told a local news source there is “overwhelming evidence,” including DNA, implicating Sigg in the murder of Ridgeway.

According to 9News, “partial remains” were said to be discovered at the home of Sigg, and 9News reported that the teen studied mortuary science at Arapahoe Community College.

The station spoke with Sigg’s reported ex-girlfriend “Danni,” who said that she was stunned at the news of Sigg’s alleged crime:

“The Austin I knew would never have done anything like that … He was my first boyfriend. He was my first kiss. He was my first date … I knew he had a sword collection in his room or a knife collection or whatever. But it was his man cave. A lot of people collect stuff.”


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Sarah Moravec, a senior at Standley Lake High School, told the news station that she had bullied Jessica Ridgeway’s accused killer, and said:

“I picked on him a lot … Austin was just different. So, why not pick on the different people? But then again, I was bullied whenever I was younger.”

In a statement, Governor John Hickenlooper praised law enforcement for a quick resolution in the arrest of Austin Sigg in connection with Jessica Ridgeway’s murder.