Police: Florida Woman Defecated In Cruiser After Throwing Dog Into Oncoming Traffic

A Florida woman has been arrested, after authorities say she threw a dog into oncoming traffic. However, that’s not the only detail in this bizarre case that’s attracting attention. CBS News reports that she retaliated to her arrest in a truly obscene fashion.

The incident reportedly took place on Sunday. Police in Hollywood say that Arlene Mena was initially accused of shoplifting at a local 7-Eleven store, where employees claim she took at least three beers without paying for them. When authorities arrived at the scene of the alleged shoplifting incident, the Florida woman reportedly threw a small dog, which she had been carrying, into the middle of oncoming traffic. Police believe she did this in an attempt to evade capture.

An officer reportedly ran into the street, nearly getting hit by traffic, in order to rescue the dog. Reports indicate that the little animal was not harmed during the incident, and was rescued safely from the busy street. Click Orlando reports that Arlene Mena fell down while attempting to flee from the scene of the incident, which made it easy for police to apprehend her and lock her in the back of a police cruiser.

While the Florida woman was in the back of the car, she reportedly threw a tantrum in retaliation. During this reported tantrum, Arlene Mena allegedly spat and tried to kick out and slap the plexiglas partition. She also allegedly urinated and defecated herself.

This isn’t the first time a woman has reacted strangely in response to being arrested. In 2014, a Georgia woman was arrested for burning clothes in a barbecue pit at her residence. While in the cruiser, the 55-year-old disabled woman reportedly defecated herself. However, she later told police that the incident was unintentional. She was charged with reckless conduct and reckless conduct by HIV infected persons in association with the incident.

Earlier this year, another Florida woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. While in the backseat of the police cruiser, however, 57-year-old Marlisa Harvey is accused of defecating herself. The Naples Daily News reports that the Naples woman was on her fourth DUI at the time of her arrest.

Also this year, an Iowa City man was arrested for some downright bizarre behavior. The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that 49-year-old Thomas Larry Warren was naked when he reportedly defecated on the doorstep of a home where he did not reside. The man was arrested after he was found passed out, naked, in a nearby field.

As for this latest case, police have charged Arlene Mena with animal cruelty, petty theft, resisting an officer without violence, and causing damage to property. The Florida woman has been booked at the Broward County Jail, but no bond amount has been published.

It should be noted that a few years ago, a Florida woman sharing the same name as Mena was arrested for similarly bizarre behavior. The Inquisitr reported in 2013 that a then-25-year-old Arlene Mena — of Hallandale, Florida — was arrested for public intoxication. The woman was reportedly drunk while attempting to “direct traffic” in the same outfit she wore to work as a stripper. After her arrest, she reportedly told a judge that the strange display was all a piece of so-called “performance art,” but he was not impressed with her story.

[Featured Image via Broward County Jail]