Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise, John Travolta Not Allowed To Reach Out To Her, Is Scientology A Church Or A Cult? [Video]

The difference between a cult and a healthy, spiritual organization is that in a healthy environment, one person does not possess secret knowledge or wisdom that other people must follow steps to obtain. Additionally, most cults do not show genuine love and concern for those not in the group. Those outside the group are viewed as enemies to the organization and only those who agree to transform and become part of the group are worthy. There are many groups, organizations, and situations that people may find themselves in that have cult-like characteristics. It is important for all people to question whether they have the freedom to think, to question, to disagree, to discuss, and to be their unique, individual self regardless of what situation or organization they belong to.

Cult expert Rick Ross discussed Scientology and whether it is a cult or a church in a video interview that you may see below. Check the videos above for cult documentaries.

Leah Remini’s statement that Tom Cruise and John Travolta wouldn’t be permitted to reach out to her is extremely disconcerting. It is one of the most significant red flags that ex-members claims life within Scientology as well as after they leave is not healthy but abusive. Remini has spoken repeatedly about the ostracization that members face when they leave Scientology. Of course, Scientology is not the only religious or spiritual organization that cuts contact with people once they leave. It is, however, one of the signs of a cult or spiritually abusive group.

The site Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) has a detailed section discussing cults and their characteristics. You may read through the list of characteristics cults portray. What do you think? Is Scientology a cult or a church?

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