Sheree Whitfield On Whether Bob Whitfield Has Moved Into Chateau Sheree

Is Sheree Whitfield back together with Bob Whitfield? Is Bob actually now living in Sheree’s mega-mansion, Chateau Sheree? On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired on Sunday night, viewers saw Sheree and Bob having dinner together, during which they had a heart-to-heart conversation about their past and possible future. While not exactly romantic, their dinner together was full of playful banter and a bit of flirtation, especially on Bob’s part. When Sheree made it clear that she wasn’t yet over what Bob did to her and the children, Bob finally apologized for cheating on her and leaving the family. By the end of dinner, it seemed as if Sheree’s heart had softened towards Bob and she was really considering giving him a second chance.

In her latest Bravo blog, posted on Tuesday, Sheree gave her thoughts on Bob’s efforts to win her over. She also revealed whether Bob is now living with her.

In regards to whether she was surprised that Bob was trying to win her back, Sheree joked that she has never had an ex that didn’t want her back. On a more serious note, Sheree said that she’s just happy that she and Bob are now able to co-parent their children and hang out together.

“As I’ve said in the past, ‘I’ve never had an ex that didn’t want me back.’ LOL! All jokes aside, I’m just happy that Bob and I are able to co-parent and enjoy each other’s company again.”

From Sheree’s answer, it seems as if she and Bob are not currently romantically involved with one another, nor does she have any interest in their friendship turning romantic in the future.

As for whether Bob Whitfield is now living in Chateau Sheree, the answer is also a no. Asked whether she would ever let Bob move into Chateau Sheree, Sheree made it clear that her home is closed to Bob, at least for now.

“As of now, there are no vacancies at Chateau Shereé.”

On the first four seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield was shown embroiled in a bitter divorce from Bob. The two bickered furiously over money and his cheating. At one point, when Bob declared that he wasn’t going to pay child support, Sheree threw a glass of water at his face. Yet on Season 8, which featured the return of Sheree after her absence from the show for the previous three seasons, Bob tagged along on the cast’s Jamaica vacation, showing that their relationship had changed from hostile to friendly.

There was still some drama between Bob and Sheree last season though. After the introduction of Tammy Browning, a friend of Cynthia Bailey’s, as well as Bob’s, into the group, Tammy told some of the other women that Sheree would not have been with Bob if he wasn’t a professional football player. Sheree later confronted Tammy about having slept with Bob, stating that Bob included her name in a list of women he cheated on her with. Tammy denied the claim. As the Inquisitr reported, Sheree went after Tammy on social media as the season aired, telling her to fix her hair and denying the claim that she was with Bob for the money.

On last week’s Season 9 episode, Sheree met up with Bob in his home. Bob made some jokes about how he and Sheree should spend some time together in bed upstairs, which didn’t really amuse Sheree. The talk turned more serious when Bob said that he can only joke about their past and that he now can’t believe the “crazy stuff” they did to one another. Sheree piped up that Bob can joke about it because he’s a man.

Bob confessed that he was now working hard to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to be around for their children, in light of the fact that his own father passed away at his current age. Bob then dropped the bombshell that he wants to move into Chateau Sheree. Sheree gave a less-than-enthusiastic response. Yet she didn’t completely rule it out.

“Not quite yet. You got to crawl before you walk Bob…I’m happy we’re in this place but to move forward after everything that transpired…to be where we are, from where we came, it’s big. You ain’t getting in the house that fast, that quick. We’ve got to take baby steps.”

In her confessional interview, Sheree pointed out that Bob has yet to apologize for the wrongs he did.

“You know he’s never even apologized for the infidelity, me and the kids being kicked out and verbal abuse.”

Sheree maintained that she and Bob have not been “hooking up.” She also stated that Bob has more work to do to win her back.

“I want love. I want the perfect guy…If Bob wants to be that guy, you really need to sit back and show me you’re a changed man and until then, I mean we have nothing to talk about.”

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On Sunday night’s episode, Sheree met up with Bob for dinner after a lot of begging on his part. Yet while Sheree got all dolled up for what she thought would be a romantic night, Bob showed up in a T-shirt and slacks and the restaurant turned out to be a vegan restaurant in a strip mall. Sheree noted that it wasn’t a great start. Her attitude softened a bit, however, when Bob finally gave her an apology.

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that I put someone else ahead of you.”

Sheree reminded Bob of how much he cheated on her, telling him that it was “disrespectful” that he brought women into their marital home.

“You ain’t got to put them ahead of me to sleep with them.”

Bob continued his apology, admitted that he was wrong, and promised to change.

“I’m sorry for the extramarital affairs. I did do some mean stuff, and I’m sorry for subjecting you to an immature man not ready to be a father for the children, but this is just a starting point.”

While Sheree didn’t say much in response, she did accept his apology and seemed to seriously consider letting Bob back into her life romantically.

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows Sheree Whitfield confronting her son about landing in jail for a DUI. Perhaps viewers will see Sheree and Bob Whitfield come together even more to make sure their son stays on the straight and narrow?

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