Noel Gallagher Believes That “Musicians Are F*****g Idiots”

Noel Gallagher, the songwriter of Britpop legends Oasis, has stated that he believes musicians are idiots.

In an interview with the AV Club, Gallagher revealed that he doesn’t spend any time with musically inclined individuals as they’re all “f*****g idiots.”

Gallagher had been asked whether he would consider forming a supergroup with British musicians, but the guitarist stated, “Oh f**k that. I don’t f*****g mix with anybody – British or any other musicians. I tend not to hang out with musicians. You know why? Because they’re all f*****g idiots.”

As per usual, Gallagher was also asked whether his former band, Oasis, would reunite like his fellow Mancunian rockers The Stone Roses and his groups 90’s nemesis Blur. Gallagher responded:

“I know it’s a thing these days. And I know from experience now that the one way of stopping people from just asking about f*****g reunions is to actually do it. And then people stop asking. But I’m afraid I won’t be getting involved in any of that. There’s no need for me I’m not interested in that kind of thing.”

Noel also found time to discuss his younger brother and former bandmate, Liam Gallagher’s antics adding that the Beady Eye singer does the rest of the band a “great disservice.

“By pronouncing that they will eventually be bigger than Oasis?” he added. ” I was just like, ‘Oh, dear’. But I think they caught a lot of flak that was undeserved, really. It’s only their first album. I think they’ve got a great album in them next time. They need one. They f*****g need one, that’s for sure.”

So do you believe with Noel? Are musicians idiots?