Big Foot Proof Wanted, Spike TV Offers $10 Million

Evidence of Big Foot’s existence is worth a hefty finder’s fee; Spike TV trumped Donald Trump’s offer of $5 million for President Obama’s passport and college records, and likely Spike’s request will offer a far more comical outcome.

Spike TV is pairing up with Lloyd’s of London for an untried one-hour reality television show entitled 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. The show pretty much speaks for itself through the title: Groups of explorers will venture on a grand expedition in search of evidence for Big Foot-the elusive, bewhiskered creature who is known to wander through the forests of the Pacific Northwest-to see if the creature actually does exist.

If one of the teams does in fact find any evidence and indeed accomplishes their mission, a $10 million reward-cut by the distinguished insurers Lloyd’s of London-will be waiting, The Wrapreports.

The large cash price would mark the largest cash prize ever to be awarded in history though the likelihood of finding any evidence is not very high.

The competitors include zoologists, scientists, trackers and, well, actual big foot hunters. Casting is currently underway for the series. Any evidence that is collected will be presented to a panel of Big Foot “experts” in order to win the prize, said the Hollywood Reporter.

There will be ten episodes during the series, which will examine which methods each team takes during the search. The Big Foot series will be filmed in different mountainous areas in the United States.

The Big Foot series seems like it will be a goldmine for Spike TV as publicity it will be an easy sell. Viewers will watch competitors search for evidence, which likely won’t to be found, and a prize which, even less likely, will be attained.