Shannen Doherty Is Still ‘Fighting Like A Girl’ As Radiation Begins

Shannen Doherty is a fighter. She has always been known for her attitude, especially when she was working on various television shows. Doherty was reportedly difficult to work with but made friends at each stop she made. Beverly Hills, 90210 was a huge break in her career leading to other great opportunities like Charmed. While she has traditionally been a private person, Doherty shared with the world that she was battling breast cancer. Since then, her journey has been documented on social media. The good, bad, and ugly have been shown in hopes that she can help someone else along the way.

Initially, Shannen Doherty was not planning to go public with her breast cancer diagnosis. She ended up having to when she filed a lawsuit against her former manager for not keeping up with her health care premiums which stopped her from being able to seek medical care for over a year. Doherty argued that her breast cancer could have been detected sooner, extending her life. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Shannen Doherty just began radiation yesterday. She posted a photo to Instagram looking frightened. As her reality sets in, Doherty knows that she is in a fight for her life and she plans on winning it.

Earlier this month, Shannen Doherty was unable to make the first Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion in over two decades. She is still working on getting herself healthy and beating breast cancer so attending the reunion was out of the question. During the Beverly Hills, 90210 panel at ReWind Con in Chicago, Doherty’s co-stars paid tribute to her. Luke Perry gave a heartfelt speech about Doherty and her battle, telling everyone he knew she would give it her all. Jennie Garth shared a shirt a fan had made on Instagram and tagged Doherty in it. The event was touching and it was a testament to who Doherty is as a person and how much she is loved by her co-stars.

The next several weeks are going to be hard on Shannen Doherty. Radiation is something new to her, and she admitted that she was scared of what would happen to her during the process. Yesterday was the first day doing the treatment, and she feels like she will eventually get used to it. Chemotherapy took a toll on Doherty and her body, and this is the final step in her treatment plan. Breast cancer is bad enough but finding out it spread to her lymph nodes was a hard pill to swallow.

Despite the toll Shannen Doherty is enduring, she is committed to “fighting like a girl.” That phrase has become her mantra and by claiming it, she knows she will prevail. Her mother has been by her side every step of the way. The photos she has shared with her mother by her side have been some of the most emotional ones, but ones that needed to be shared. Doherty is publicly documenting her battle with cancer and from an outsider’s perspective, she is a warrior.

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Talk of a Charmed reboot has been floating online for years and while there are players who are willing to give it a shot if it will get picked up, a show without Shannen Doherty would be a terrible mistake. She is working hard to get back to where she needs to be mentally and physically. The treatments have put her body into distress but she is one step closer to beating cancer with each day that passes. If “fighting like a girl” is what is going to save Shannen Doherty from this awful disease, that is exactly what she needs to do.

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