Bullied Teenager Jumps To Her Death Underneath A Train In Front Of Her School Friends

A 15-year-old girl, who was the victim of bullying, threw herself under a train yesterday in Staten Island whilst her classmates watched on in horror.

Felicia Garcia, began to sob then jumped to her death at 3.15 pm yesterday whilst situated at the Huguenot Staten Island railway station platform. It was filled with her fellow students from Tottenville High School.

Friends today stated that the girl had long been tormented by bullies from her school and on Monday tweeted, “I cant. im done. I give up.”

She also added a photo via the application Instagram that showed her beaten and bruised and added the hastag ‘beatup.’Alissa Compitello, a friend of Garcias, took to twitter to vent her disgust at the demise of her schoolmate.

“SHEW WAS BULLIED … SHE WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT IF SHE WASN’T BULLIED.” the teen vented. Compitello also added that “All this girl wanted was to be left alone … and nobody could do that for her. #prayforfelicia.”


The father of Domenica Modica, carried Felicia to the ambulance on a stretcher where the paramedics attempted to revive her before she was rushed to the nearby Staten Island University Hospital, ultimately succumbing to her injuries just before 5pm.

A Facebook page has been set-up in her honor whilst friends, well-wishers and acquaintances have tweeted their shock and condolences for Garcia. Felicia is believed to have lived in foster homes throughout her life with both of her parents reportedly dead.

Friends of Garcia have stated that football players at the Staten Island school were the perpetrators of the vile bullying.