‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spinoff Confirmed For Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright? Couple Marrying For TV?

Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are reportedly getting their very own spinoff show. There’s just too much drama going on between the couple that Bravo allegedly ended up giving Jax and Brittany more air time.

In an interview with the Daily Dish, Jax Taylor opened up about how much being in a relationship with Brittany Cartwright changed his life. The Vanderpump Rules star said that he loved Brittany so much that he started believing in marriage again.

“Before Brittany I was not about marriage. It was not going to happen for me. I didn’t believe in marriage. Not because I didn’t love Brittany, I just didn’t believe in marriage. It just wasn’t for me. As time progresses, I’m starting to open my mind about it a little bit more because I do love her and that’s something she wants. And I’m willing to bring the idea back. We’ll see.”

With a lot of marriages ending in divorce, Jax cannot help but worry that they might end up having the same fate.

“I hate it. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, it’s just kind of the one box I don’t want to check off that I’ve done,” he said.


Even though Jax kept saying how wonderful a person Brittany is, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted that seeing her 24/7, now that she also works at SUR, took a toll on their relationship. The idea of working with her seemed good at the beginning, but Jax later admitted that it just got a “bit much” eventually.

“I love my girlfriend very much, but you know when you spend that much time you start to get some wear and tear… It’s tough because we hang out together. We have the same friends. It’s just really tough,” he explained.

Reality Tea wondered if the change in Jax Taylor’s attitude was brought on by Bravo allegedly ordering a Vanderpump Rules spinoff starring him and Brittany. In October, a source close to production for the hit RHOBH spinoff confirmed that Jax and Brittany are about to have their own show. Given that Brittany only started working at SUR in June, some of her co-stars were clearly less than thrilled when they heard about the news. Others, however, saw this as an opportunity for more exposure.

“With fame comes jealousy so there are definitely some cast members that are bothered by this, but for the most part they are all really happy for Jax because they know that they will get to be on two shows instead of just one now,” the insider said.


Lisa Vanderpump is also reportedly “very proud” of Jax and Brittany for landing their own show. The insider revealed that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran believes all of her kids have the potential to become stars.

As the Vanderpump Rules spinoff is going to focus on Jax and Brittany’s life, the insider revealed that there is going to be a whole lot of drama.

“People love to love Jax and love to hate him!”


In the last episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 5, Jax Taylor revealed that he is actually supporting his girlfriend’s lifestyle. While he claims he has no problems with paying her bills, the SUR bartender asked Brittany to be more considerate of his needs.

“I choose to support my girlfriend because that’s how I was raised. With that being said, I expect something in return. If I was a chick I’ll be like f**k ‘I’ll make you 25 sandwiches a day,” he said.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 airs Mondays on Bravo.

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