Teacher Fired After Posting Photos Of Child Abuse [Photos]

A kindergarten teacher in China’s Zhejiang province has been fired after posting pictures of herself abusing her students.

One of the pictures shows 20-year-old Yan Yanhong smiling while lifting a screaming child off the ground by his ears. Another picture shows a student with his mouth taped shut and his hands taped to a desk.

There are more than 700 photos of Yanhong abusing her students.

Yanhong tried to justify her actions by saying the student whose ears she pulled did not misbehave again after the incident.

“I thought it was fun, so I pulled his ears and asked my coworker to take a photo. The 5-year-old boy was quite naughty and after the ear-pulling he didn’t make any mistakes the rest of the day,” she said.

The coworker, whose surname is Tong, told Yanhong the pictures would cause trouble if they were posted online.

“I never expected it would actually come true,” Tong said.

Yanhong bragged that she got the job at the school through her connections, and did not have a certificate to teach. An education official said the kindergartens have a shortage of teachers, “so the recruitment standard has to be lowered.”

The local education bureau said Yanhong has been dismissed, and the school is being “punished.”

The photos of Yanhong abusing her students emerged following another scandal. A teacher in China’s Shanxi province was caught on camera slapping her students multiple times.


Yanhong was detained for provocative and disturbing behavior, but will likely receive no further punishment. China does not have a law that deals with child abuse outside of the child’s family.

Warning: The photos below are extremely disturbing.

Kindergarten teacher fired after photos of child abuse emerge

Student taped to desk

Kindergarten student in trash bin