‘Love & Hip Hop New York’: Is Snoop’s Girlfriend J. Adrienne For Real Or Is She Just Trying To Get Famous?

On the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, we saw Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s girlfriend, J. Adrienne, go nuts when she thinks Snoop might be messing around with another woman. J literally jumped on a counter top during her fight with Snoop and the whole scene was over-the-top dramatic. Not to mention that she’s been on reality TV before, in case anyone was wondering why she looks so familiar. That makes us wonder if J. Adrienne is really Snoop’s live in lover or if the whole relationship was concocted for Season 7 of LHHNY.

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J. Adrienne joined Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York as the girlfriend of Snoop, whom most everyone watching recognizes from the hit HBO drama The Wire. Snoop has a few connections to the VH1 reality show, including the creep squad’s Rich Dollaz and DJ Self but that has us wondering if J. Adrienne is really Snoop’s girlfriend or if she’s really there because she is still trying to get famous.

Love & Hip Hop New York isn’t J. Adrienne’s first VH1 reality show, and it’s not her second show either. Snoop’s pretty girlfriend is still trying to make it big on her third try at TV fame. Bossip pointed out that she previously has been cast as “So Hood” on Real Chance of Love andCharm School.

Snoop moved to New York City to be a cast member on Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York. J. Adrienne is from Chicago and also uprooted her life back home to be on the show. While Snoop and J. Adrienne claim to be living together in the Big Apple, something about their relationship just doesn’t seem real and it’s making many wonder if the relationship is being faked for reality TV. Did LHHNY producers cast her as Snoop’s girlfriend or did the really meet in Chicago and fall in love?

J. Adrienne has given a few clues about the possibility that she’s just along for the ride. For starters, she made it clear already that she’s not gay, but she is “gay for Snoop.” J just isn’t into women, and it’s become pretty obvious. She already made it clear that Snoop is her first girlfriend, and she doesn’t seem too comfortable with the transition, often stumbling while talking about her “girlfriend.”

She also went way over the top when a couple of The Wire fans saw them dining out and asked Snoop for a picture. Happy to play along, Snoop was busy posing with a couple of women when J. Adrienne went through the roof yelling at the fans to leave them alone while they ate.

When J. Adrienne was out of town, Snoop met another Love & Hip Hop New York cast member, Sofi Green, and while Sofi also made it clear that she’s not into women, their flirting went over the top. During Sofi’s podcast, she turned the tables on Snoop and ended up feeding her fellow cast member champagne-soaked strawberries. It was until Sofi posted a picture of herself and Snoop on Instagram that J. Adrienne went through the roof again. This is when she decided to go for the drama, packing up her things and threatening to move out before ending up on top of the kitchen counter, screaming at Snoop.

Do you think Snoop and J. Adrienne are really a couple or did Love & Hip Hop New York put them together to create more drama for the show? Tell us what you think of this unlikely love connection in the comments section below.

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