Kylie Jenner Called A Thief By Makeup Artist: See The Strangely Similar Photos Here

Kylie Jenner is being threatened with a lawsuit by a makeup artist who claims the reality star stole the concept for her holiday cosmetics collection, according to the International Business Times. The 19-year-old member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has faced a lot of trouble for her new cosmetics line, but complaints keep piling up.

Kylie Jenner is not catching a break with her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics. The reality TV star has reportedly stolen the concept for her latest campaign to sell her makeup cosmetics. Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty and her photographer are threatening to sue Kylie for allegedly using their concept in her campaign.

Last week, Haggerty used her Instagram account to go public with her complaints about Kylie Jenner allegedly copying their makeup concept. In her Instagram post, Haggerty presented evidence that the two campaigns look very familiar and added that it wasn’t the first time the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was “inspired” by her work.

In her latest interview with Refinery29, Haggerty claimed she had reached out to Kylie Jenner’s camp back when the reality star posted a photo of melting lipstick on her makeup line’s Instagram account.

Although Haggerty admits she was “excited” to see her concepts shared by such a highly influential celebrity as Kylie Jenner, she says she was disappointed that the reality TV star didn’t give her credit for her work.

Haggerty claims that Kylie Jenner’s camp hasn’t responded to her complaints, and she went as far as to call Jenner’s actions “theft.”

“Crediting artists is essential, but this goes beyond that. It’s theft; this is our livelihood… I see these things happen too many times to artists.”

Saying that makeup business is “extremely competitive,” Haggerty added that widely popular people such as Kylie Jenner must use “proper channels” to obtain images instead of simply stealing them.

This is not the first time Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics has come under fire. The reality TV star’s cosmetics line was previously criticized for defective wands in their lip gloss tubes. Other people also complain that Jenner’s makeup company is overpriced.

A vlogger even claimed that the formula used in Kylie Jenner’s products is essentially the same as that of Colourpop’s. But the problem is that the celebrity sells her lip products for a whopping $29, while Colourpop sells essentially the same products for $6.

Kylie Jenner Fires Back At Lip Kit Comparisons To ColourPop

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— Matthew (@tubehallblog) October 22, 2016

Kylie Jenner may be criticized for her work on her cosmetics line, but there’s no doubt that she is a great cook, according to Refinery29. The 19-year-old reality star may be the youngest of the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, but she is probably the best cook of them.

Kylie Jenner recently took to Snapchat to share her latest culinary creation: flakey French toast! Although the reality TV star has her own web show, Cooking with Kylie, she decided to tease her social media followers a little and give them a glimpse of what it’s like to cook with Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner revealed how to make the most delicious French toast ever. In fact, it was probably her boyfriend, Tyga, and his passion for cheese that helped the reality star come up with the recipe!

Next up on the "Must cook/eat list" is @KylieJenner flakey French toast. Omgahhh????????

— Raegan Elyse (@rae_richardson) November 25, 2016

In order to make flakey French toast, Kylie Jenner mixes eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon in a separate bowl. Then, to make the French toast flakey, she crushes Frosted Flakes. Kylie Jenner recommends to saute the toast in butter and cover them with the mix of crushed Frosted Flakes and the egg mix. Then, the French toast is ready to be thrown into a frying pan to do the magic.

Kylie Jenner also advises serving flakey French toast with syrup and bacon. And don’t forget the rice and cheesy eggs!

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