‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Find Out What Brady Does After Theresa Dumps Him

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed there’s a huge brawl ready to break out between Brady and Philip, but let’s back up a bit. As the Inquisitr reported, Brady had a huge setback when he discovered Theresa with drugs. Since then, he’s been incredibly distraught over her well-being. As we know, Theresa still loves Brady and wants to reunite with him, but she’s done everything in her power to resist that feeling to spare him his life.

Of course, Brady has no idea that Theresa was forced to stick with Mateo, which will, in turn, save their lives. This was the setup that led to actress Jen Lilley’s exit from the popular soap, but now that she’s gone from his life, Brady will have to pick up the pieces because of the personal tailspin this has created.

Celeb Dirty Laundry’s Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that Brady is in such anguish over Theresa that fists will fly between him and Philip. As we know, the pressure has been mounting for Brady, and Theresa finally put the nail in the coffin when she told him that she never had any love for him and left Brady with the task of taking care of her son Tate. After feeling like he had a perfect life to now losing it all, it pushes him to the edge.

On the other side of this drama is Maggie and Victor, who will both have to decide how to help Brady in his time of need. Victor knows why Theresa is treating Brady this way, but he’s not telling him because of what will happen if he opens his mouth. Furthermore, if the truth comes out about Mateo’s involvement with Theresa, he knows that they will all put their lives on the line.

Days of Our Lives spoilers cited that while Victor is struggling to help his grandson, Maggie, will keep a watchful eye on him because she’s concerned about Brady turning to booze to help soothe his broken heart. The most challenging aspect of Brady’s turmoil is his rage, which rises as he successfully pushes everyone else away. As stated, things will come to a head when Philip pushes Brady too far. Philip always had a jealousy issue when it comes to Brady because he thinks Brady will inherit the Kiriakis fortune. While fans aren’t sure what Philip will use to push Brady over the edge, it’s suggested that fists will fly over the business.

Although Brady is very business-minded, it’s said that he won’t be able to focus on it because of his sadness over Theresa’s absence.

In other Days of Our Lives spoilers, TV Over Mind revealed that things are looking up for Hope. After being placed in prison for the confessed killing of Stefano, she’s found an ally in Hattie. The Inquisitr previously reported that Hope’s prison sentence is a long one, and while Rafe has promised to find a way to free her, it’s unlikely that Hope will see an early release without escaping from prison.

That said, it’s nice to see Hope has found someone who may change her life for the better. While we don’t know much about how Hattie will help Hope, it’s been suggested that she might find a way to get Hope out of prison, but as stated, it’s a big leap.

What do you think about the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Will Brady get over Theresa and get out of his funk, or will he turn to drugs and alcohol? What do you think will happen to Hope now that she’s in prison?

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