'Little People, Big World': Real Reason For Deportation Of Roloff Family Farmhand Not Disclosed On Show

Inquisitr Staff

Little People, Big World, Season 11, premiered last Tuesday on TLC. The first episode of Season 11 found the Roloff family sharing some good news, as well as some bad news. Zach Roloff and wife Tori announced they are expecting their first child, while Matt and Amy said goodbye to longtime Roloff family farmhand, Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez. Camerino has been a farmhand on the large Roloff family farm for the last 17 years and said his goodbyes as he was being deported back to his home country of Mexico. The popular Little People, Big World blog, Spirits Wander, shared on Saturday that the real reason for Camerino's deportation of drug charges and illegal immigration status was not disclosed on the show.

"As the backdrop for many of the antics and adventures of the Roloff family, the farm has been featured often in the popular long-running TLC reality series Little People, Big World."

While Spirits Wander's first blog post was shared, along with a bait-and-switch title in the spirit of April Fools' Day, the "commentary" on Little People, Big World and the entire Roloff family -- Matt, Amy, Zach, Molly, Jacob, and Jeremy Roloff -- shared its most recent blog post last Saturday that was no laughing matter. The post, titled "More On Roloff Family Farmhand Camerino's Deportation To Mexico -- Drug Charges," goes into detail about why the Roloff family farmhand was really deported.

According to Spirits Wander, Little People, Big World did not share the "whole story" about why Camerino Sanchez was being detained for deportation back to Mexico. Camerino's deportation wasn't a huge part of the Little People, Big World, Season 11, premiere episode on November 22, as Zach and Tori shared big baby news, Matt again went in for surgery, and Amy continued with life as a single woman on the Roloff farm, but fans took to social media afterwards to share their outrage over the separation of families, as Camerino has become part of the Roloff family after nearly two decades of working for Matt, and is a father of two himself. Hashtag #LPBW blew up with tweets in support of Camerino, and some Twitter users wondered why the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would deport "someone who isn't causing trouble."

Rap541 also states that Matt Roloff is using his Little People, Big World fanbase to get sympathy for Camerino with a "not very well thought-out argument" and without stating all the facts. But Matt Roloff is simply asking for a complete review of Camerino's legal case in order to try to reunite the "broken family" on Little People, Big World, as well reunite Camerino with his two young daughters, who are both reportedly U.S. citizens. And Matt's heartfelt plea seems to be working, as he asks Little People, Big World fans to "please sign this petition today." The petition now has over 1,100 supporters and needs less than 1,000 more before it's sent off to the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Watch Season 11, Episode 2, of Little People, Big World, titled "Pumpkins in Jeopardy," tonight on TLC at 8 p.m. EST. Matt comes home from the hospital, pumpkin season could be ruined, Zach and Tori plan for their anniversary, and Amy goes to a single's mixer, as summarized by TV Guide.

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