'Love Actually' Cast Comments On The Iconic Movie And Answers The Question 'Where Are They Now?'

Yes, it's that time of year again, when people young and old seem to have Love Actually as their modern Christmas movie. This week on Today, Tamron Hall called Love Actually her favorite Christmas movie, one she watches every year. But where is the Love Actually cast now, and what did they think of their experience? Do they watch the movie each year?

The youngest cast members, Olivia Olson (who played Joanna) and Thomas Sangster (who played Sam) continued to work together after Love Actually, doing voices for the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb, the Inquisitr previously reported. Olson does the voice of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz while Sangster voices Ferb. Ironically, Ferb is in love with Vanessa, but Vanessa does not reciprocate. In the minds of Love Actually devotees, Sam and Joanna are always pictured together when "All I Want For Christmas Is You" plays.

Colin Firth, who plays lovelorn Uncle Jamie (other than Colin, whose last name is Frissel, do we know anyone's last name in Love Actually?), is cheated on in the first five minutes of the movie and leaves the country to write, meeting perhaps the woman of his dreams who speaks no English. Fans love Uncle Jamie and generally love Colin Firth, who is the executive producer of the movie Loving, which was just released, according to Entertainment Weekly.


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Loving is about an interracial couple who are arrested in 1958 because people of other races were not allowed to marry at that time in the south. The law was found to be unconstitutional in 1967. Firth says that this is another love story that needed to be told, and he wonders why someone else didn't beat him to it.

"I immediately wondered why more people didn't know about this story."
While Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman (who passed away earlier this year) were the couple who ended the movie with a big question mark, Love Actually creator Richard Curtis' partner Emma Freud gave the world a glimpse into what happened with Karen and Harry after the movie ended, and it's not a happy ending, states Vanity Fair. Freud also shared some deleted Love Actually scenes with fans to make up for the sad news about Karen and Harry.

Emma Freud says that Karen and Harry stay together, but it is never again a happy home (likely because all trust is gone and Harry still does not get Joni Mitchell). This is particularly sad for fans because Thompson as Karen was the heart and soul of the movie. She is there for Liam Neeson's character when his wife dies, talking him off the ledge over the phone, and she is beaming with pride for her younger brother (Hugh Grant) who is the new prime minister. And last of all, she makes papier mache sea creature costumes for the Christmas pageant.

One fan quipped that she had hoped that Karen would run off with her husband's employee, shirtless Karl with the six pack, who is rejected by Laura Linney because she has to go to the mental hospital to be with her brother.

One last giggle from Emma Freud has to do with Martin Freeman's character, who fell in love with his X-rated movie co-star.

"Just in case you were worried, martin freeman had a little sock on his willy. #LoveActually."

Have you seen Love Actually? What is your favorite scene, and who is your favorite character?

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