‘Ladies Of London’ Returns For Season 3

Ladies of London is returning to Bravo for another season. Caroline Stanbury is the breakout star of the show, and she is joined by three of the original girls for Season 3. Juliet Angus, Julie Montagu, and Marissa Hermer have been through it all and have decided to go for a third round. Last season, Caroline Fleming joined the cast, and Sophie Stanbury was around as well. Adela King will be joining the ladies in a “friend” capacity, and she is going to kick the season up a notch. There are teasers that Ladies of London is going to be wilder than ever before, and that is saying a lot for this group of women!


There were rumors circulating that Caroline Stanbury would not return for Season 3 of Ladies of London. Fans were bummed about the news as she is the pillar of the show much like Vicki Gunvalson on The Real Housewives of Orange County or Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York. According to All About the Tea, Caroline Stanbury will return to Ladies of London and bring a new friend to add to the bunch. These ladies are a ball of fun, and sometimes the drama can be a little over-the-top. The American women are very different from the British women, and that is what makes the show appealing.


Adela King is the new girl walking into Ladies of London. She is rumored to be a big personality, which may clash with Juliet Angus’ personality. There is a lot of tension at times between the women, especially those who were born into England’s elite social circle. King is a friend of Caroline Stanbury, which essentially gave her spot on Ladies of London without much thought. She is a recovering addict and turned herself into a fitness nut. Most of King’s photos are centered around workouts, though she does make a point of telling people she loves her friends and family as well.


It will be interesting to see where this season of Ladies of London goes. A lot has changed since the beginning when the girls were more outrageous with storylines and things were very split between the British and American women. The tension between them has eased, though some things are definitely still rocky. In a preview for Season 3, Julie Montagu can be seen arguing with Caroline Stanbury about titles, which are reportedly important in British society. Montagu married royalty and has a title, despite being from a small town in rural Illinois.


Fans have been waiting for Ladies of London to return for quite some time, and now that it begins airing tonight, the excitement is at an all-time high. The four original ladies have built fan bases across the world. Many of them have been on social media talking about their expectations for this season, and the hopes are high for enough drama to keep them interested and enough heartwarming moments to keep them invested in the relationships. With two seasons done and another beginning tonight, this show has seen a lot of memorable moments.


Season 3 of Ladies of London is looking promising, especially with the trailer that was released weeks ago. Enough drama and friendship intertwined with real moments that will keep fans glued to the television. Caroline Stanbury will bring in Adela King, and the other ladies will have initial impressions that may shock viewers. The dynamics that have been built since the beginning remain, leaving room to grow and incorporate traditions between the ladies. Bravo is kicking off Season 3 of Ladies of London tonight, and it is going to be one of the best ones yet!

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]