WWE Rumors: Will Goldberg Win The 'Royal Rumble'?

We're exactly two months away from the Royal Rumble, and as a result, the WWE rumors mill is in full swing. And according to the latest reports, it looks like we know exactly who's going to take home the honor of winning the Royal Rumble when it comes to San Antonio, Texas, in January!

According to Forbes magazine's latest round of WWE rumors, Paul Heyman -- better known as Brock Lesnar's mouthpiece -- has officially announced that his client will be joining Goldberg in the Royal Rumble, leading many to speculate that this is a sign that Goldberg will take home the glory at the event this year.

Wrestling fans will recall that the last time Goldberg stepped into the Royal Rumble ring was all the way back in 2004, when Brock Lesnar cost him the crowning glory. Thirteen years later, it's evident that Goldberg is out for blood, and after he felled "The Beast" in 90 seconds, it's evident that he's not going to stop until Lesnar's career is all but obliterated.

Forbes agrees, and even goes so far as to point out that no one but Goldberg should be winning the Royal Rumble this year.

"The case for Goldberg is even stronger. He's white hot. He was given the type of win that nobody even expected him to achieve, and this is a man who built a career in WCW mastering the squash match. The iron is hot with Goldberg and having him win the Royal Rumble in front of a record-breaking crowd singing his name is the only thing that will make him hotter. This translates to a WrestleMania on fire."
But in their latest round of WWE rumors, Sportsrageous is a little less sanguine about Goldberg's chances. According to them, it's John Cena, not Goldberg, that will take home victory at the Royal Rumble.

As it stands right now, Cena is looking to make wrestling history. If he wins the Royal Rumble this year, he will be tied with both Stone Cold Steve Austin (for winning the most Royal Rumbles) and Ric Flair (for having the most titles in history). And, as has been previously reported, Cena isn't happy with the way things are going at the WWE, and he's going to need something to keep him on the roster for a little while longer. What better, then, than to take home the glory at Royal Rumble?

Meanwhile, What Culture's latest round of WWE rumors suggests that an even more unlikely candidate will take home the Royal Rumble glory: Finn Balor.

Ever since SummerSlam sidelined the once-great fighter, Finn Balor has been looking for a chance to get back into the ring, and shake off his "rookie" status once and for all. Since the WWE, as of late, has been bringing back all of the classics and the fan favorites, it makes sense that they would do the same for the so-called Demon King.

Besides, Balor has demonstrated that he has the support of both the WWE creative team, and the WWE fans, when it comes to his transition into greatness. Nothing less than a Royal Rumble victory, then, would shoot him back into the spotlight.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors, and who you think will win this year's Royal Rumble, in the comments below.

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