Nicole Kidman Admits She Needed To Be Forced Into Sex Scenes With Tom Cruise In 'Eyes Wide Shut'

Gregory Wakeman

Nicole Kidman has been discussing her role in Eyes Wide Shut, the last film of noted director Stanley Kubrick and one which she co-starred in alongside her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Kidman has stated that she was "coaxed" into doing the risque sex scenes with Cruise and revealed that she particularly struggled with various sexual aspects of the movie. Also she announced that some of the most extreme footage from the shoot was left in the editing room.

Kidman explained, "He [Kubrick] was very different with women than he was with men. He has daughters, so he was very paternal with me." The Shining director looked to base the movie on her real-life marriage with Cruise with the sexual thriller revolving around the troubled marriage of a couple.

However, the actress believes that they failed to do that, saying that as soon as the duo realised that was his intention, they began to distance themselves from the characters and put up their defences. "That was Stanley," stated Kidman. "He used the movie as provocation, pretending it was our sex life. Which we weren't oblivious to, but obviously it wasn't us."

Cruise and Kidman divorced two years later, but Kidman believes that the 1999 film didn't contribute to this regrettable conclusion acknowledging, "People thought that making the film was the beginning of the end of my marriage - but I don't really think it was. Tom and I were close then, and it was very much the three of us."

Kidman is now married to Keith Urban with whom she has two children.