‘Final Fantasy 15’ Reviews Prove Square Enix’s Mastery In Delivering Awesome Gaming Experience

Final Fantasy 15 reviews have proven once again why the franchise is loved by many and why Square Enix is one of the greatest game developers in the world.

After the midnight release of the highly anticipated game on Tuesday, the Internet was flooded with a lot of Final Fantasy 15 reviews that basically tells us one thing: “The game is great!”

The anticipation leading up to this moment had been intense as the game had undergone more than a decade’s worth of development in order to perfect the experience for players who spend dozens of hours in this role playing game.

While it did go through a lot of whip, Final Fantasy 15 was able to retain its predecessors’ sense of awesome “fantasy” so to speak as The Verge confirms that the new addition to Square Enix’s bread and butter was able to transition perfectly.

“The new elements bolster the experience, making for an exciting journey across a fascinating world. Yet for all of its towering ambitions and big, new changes, the parts of the game that have stuck with me are those more personal moments between four friends who truly love each other.”

The game’s basic theme is friendship which is perfectly portrayed in the trailer released a day before Final Fantasy 15‘s November 19 midnight launch. The minute-and-a-half clip shows four young friends trying to slay a monster to no avail, then characters from FFXV swoop in to finish the job.

While it may not be as dramatic as the other Final Fantasy soundtracks we heard of in the previous years, the song “Stand By Me” definitely captured the essence of what the game is about: teamwork.

According to one of the Final Fantasy 15 reviews by The Verge, the game puts players in the role of brooding 20-year-old Prince Noctis who has the ability to wield a massive sword and can use magic.

Together with his three trusty friends who look a lot like members of a boy band—his bodyguard Gladiolus, his guardian Ignis, and Prompto—he proceeds on his quest to reach the nearby town to take the hand of his childhood friend-turned-sweetheart, Lady Lunafreya.

But, like other Final Fantasy games before it, Final Fantasy 15 throws the four gorgeous characters into a dangerous yet exciting adventure while driving a luxurious car. Basically, the game is a road trip among friends with the addition of battling monsters on the side.

According to one of the Final Fantasy 15 reviews posted on Game Spot, Prince Noctis and his crew are sent to take Lady Lunafreya’s as his wife in order to restore balance to the world after his fiancee’s father tried to invade his home city and killed his father, King Regis.

“In an effort to retake the throne and restore balance to the world, Noctis must locate ancestral weapons scattered in lost tombs across Eos, battle hundreds of monsters, and go toe-to-toe with powerful gods.”

Game Spot‘s Final Fantasy 15 reviews the Square Enix RPG as a game with “fantasy anchored by more mundane, real-world elements” since Noctis and the other characters in the game stay in motels overnight and eat in roadside diners where they engage in local gossip with the cook.

Of course, they encounter a couple of elite characters every once in a while but a huge bulk of the role-playing game is dedicated to showcasing down-to-Earth characters and commoners that reside in Eos which makes the Prince and his friends a sort of celebrity wherever they go.

Final Fantasy 15 reviews like the one from IGN also lauded the fact that while the setting is quite different from the previous Final Fantasy games, it maintained the enjoyable gaming experience thanks to the team-up attacks that work well with a team of four where three of the characters are controlled by artificial intelligence.

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