WWE News: Sasha Banks Beats Charlotte Flair For Raw Women’s Championship As Ric Flair Returns

Sasha Banks is on top of the world after beating Charlotte Flair on Raw Monday night to capture the WWE Raw Women’s Championship once again. And after the match, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and Charlotte’s father Ric Flair made his return to WWE in an unexpected appearance in his hometown.

The Boss triumphed in a no-countout, no-disqualification, falls-count-anywhere match in Raw‘s main event. It was set up after the two fought to a double countout in their bout earlier in the evening.

In the first match, Sasha Banks caught Charlotte Flair in the Bank Statement inside the opening minute, but Flair managed to grab the ropes for a break. Dana Brooke got involved and Sasha beat down Charlotte’s valet at ringside. Flair took advantage of the opportunity to rough up Banks until both women were counted out.

That played into Charlotte’s hands as the defending champion, meaning she’d retain the title. But Raw General Manager Mick Foley announced he did not want the apparent final match between the two for the foreseeable future to end in such a manner. As such, he announced the match would restart in the main event without any countouts or disqualifications, and no need for the pin or submission to take place inside the ring.

Several minutes into the match, Charlotte used the bottom ring step for a little extra elevation to hit Sasha Banks with Natural Selection on the floor, the move with which she won back the title from Banks in their Hell in a Cell main event. However, she was only able to get a two count.

The match turned into a brawl that at one point had the crowd chanting “ECW,” ProWrestling.net noted, with the match reminding them of the defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling as Sasha attacked Charlotte with a kendo stick. When Flair applied the Figure Eight on the floor, Banks struck her with the kendo stick to break the hold.

Banks and Flair battled up the stage and after taking the top off the announce table and removing the announce team’s monitors, Charlotte Flair threw Sasha Banks onto the table and kicked her to the arena floor. Charlotte then pulled off a high-risk move by climbing onto the table and delivering a moonsault onto Sasha, but again, Flair was only able to pick up a pair of two counts.

Eventually, the pair brawled through the crowd. Banks drove Charlotte’s head into a handrail, trapped her opponent inside, and delivered some knee strikes. Banks then locked in the Bank Statement through the handrail and made Charlotte tap out, giving Banks her third WWE Raw Women’s Championship win.

Sasha Banks’ victory means that the women have now each dropped the title to each other in their respective hometowns in the last month, with Charlotte suffering the curse of the hometown competitor.

Banks’ victory was somewhat of a surprise, as rumors suggested Charlotte would next feud with Bayley over the championship, while Banks contending with Nia Jax. Those feuds might still be on the cards, only with the title in a different rivalry, or perhaps Banks will turn heel for a feud with Bayley instead.

Before the match, a confident Sasha Banks said she’d dedicate her win to Ric Flair and the 16-time world champion made a surprise appearance after the match. He entered the ring, raised Sasha’s hand, and hugged and high-fived her.

Elsewhere on Raw, The New Day successfully defended their WWE Raw Tag Team Championship against The Club when Xavier Woods grabbed Karl Anderson’s tights for the pin. Roman Reigns also earned a WWE Universal Championship match at the upcoming Roadblock pay-per-view when he pinned the champion Kevin Owens in a one-on-one match.

But the night once again belonged to The Boss Sasha Banks, who celebrated with her new championship as Raw went off the air.

[Featured Image by WWE]