Is Sebastian Stan The Next Captain America? Actor Teases Role In New Photo

Clare Mulligan

Fans have been wondering for months: Is Sebastian Stan the next Captain America? In a new Instagram post, the actor may potentially have confirmed a new role for himself in the Captain America film franchise.

Rumors surrounding whether or not audiences will see Sebastian Stan as Captain America have been swirling for years now. In an article outlining the contract lengths of current Marvel movie stars, Screen Crush provides a valid argument for Sebastian Stan taking up the Captain America shield.

Sebastian Stan will also make an appearance alongside Evans' Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War, reprising the role of Bucky. Screen Crush speculates that Stan's long contract could signify that the actor will be filling the role of Captain America.

"A nine film contract seems awfully large for a supporting player. In the comics, Bucky picks up Captain America's shield after he's struck down by an assassin during the, you guessed it, Civil War storyline. Could Marvel be setting up Sebastian Stan to become the second Captain America, replacing Chris Evans and playing the role in future films? Maybe."

Sebastian Stan playing Captain America has been hinted at before. In a cut scene from Captain America: Civil War, Bucky uses the iconic Captain America shield to defend his friend in battle.

"I gotta get me one of those," Bucky replies.

Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Captain America: Civil War and will be helming Avengers: Infinity War as well, hinted in an interview with IGN that the scene referenced Sebastian Stan playing the role of Captain America.

"There is a scene that is a cut scene. It's a small piece of the fight at Leipzig where there's a very fun interaction between Cap and Bucky, and it kind of hints at a favorite storyline in the books."

Sebastian Stan also picked up the Captain America shield in a cut scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is especially significant because the Russo brothers also directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so it is possible that they have been planning a Sebastian Stan Captain America from the beginning of their work with Marvel.

[Featured Image by Walt Disney Pictures]