Karlita Phillips, Tavarious Settles: Sex, Insurance Money Led To Murder For South Carolina Teen Involved With Married Woman On ‘Fatal Attraction’ Tonight

Tavarious Settles’ supporters say he was a young teenager who was sexed and duped by a selfish older woman who seduced him into murdering her husband. You can watch this riveting murder story on Fatal Attraction, the TV One crime documentary series.

South Carolina detectives say that through sex and coercion, Karlita Phillips convinced her underage lover to kill her husband, Dale Phillips Jr. Instead, the gullible teen killed the first person he saw, Dale Phillips Jr.’s younger brother, Jamil Phillips. The Fatal Attraction episode detailing the case is “Deadly Divorce.”

A Shooting On Old Douglas Mill Road

According to Fatal Attraction, Jamil Phillips had just arrived home in March of 2013. But instead of going inside of his parents’ home for a good night’s rest, he was shot dead on the front porch by an unknown assailant.

Jamil Phillips parents watched in horror as their son lay dead right in front of them. When police arrived at the Old Douglas Mill Road home in Abbeville, South Carolina, they discovered that the former high school basketball player had been shot.

Who wanted to kill Jamil Phillips? It was finally revealed that 16-year-old Tavarious Settles had committed the murder. Police learned that Tavarious was having an illicit sexual affair with Jamil Phillips’ sister-in-law Karlita Phillips. Even more shocking, Jamil was not the intended target — Karlita’s husband, Dale, was the intended victim, the New York Daily News reported.

Teen Killer Mistakenly Shoots The Wrong Man

In a botched attempt to carry out the murder at the request of his older and married lover, Tavarious Settles shot the first person who appeared at the home, believing that it was Karlita’s husband, Fatal Attraction’s coverage will relate.

Dale and Karlita had been married for 14 years. They had their share of marital problems, but Dale Phillips Jr. couldn’t have imagined that she would do this. Dale Phillips and his wife had recently moved into his parents’ home.

And instead of Karlita Phillips helping to make life better for them, she concocted an evil plan to get rid of her husband so she could cash in on the insurance policy. To pull it off without bloodying her own hands, she needed to find someone who was willing to do it. That person was Tavarious Dequan Settles. Prosecutors say Karlita promised him $13,000 to kill Dale Phillips Jr., but the plan failed after Tavarious Settles shot the wrong man.

Tavarious Settles’ killing spree didn’t stop after the death of Jamil Phillips. He later shot and killed 27-year-old Prudencio Chiquin Sis, a Guatemalan immigrant who had just left his girlfriend’s home.

At trial, prosecutors alleged the following, according to the Index Journal.

  • SLED agents matched DNA found on the four cigarette butts left at the scene to Tavirous (Tavarious ) Settles. Settles’ phones were taken and analyzed for data, where SLED found pictures of Settles and of guns.
  • One of the guns identified in the photos was a .38-caliber revolver. The bullet removed from Jamil Phillips’ body and its matching casing found at the scene of the crime were identified as .38 Special or .357-caliber ammunition.
  • Two of Settles’ cousins testified they knew Karlita Phillips was having a relationship with Settles. Anthony Moss, one of the cousins, said Settles also told him Karlita Phillips had bought him shoes, clothing, and had given him money.
  • Settles’ ex-girlfriend testified and said he had been cheating on her with Karlita Phillips. She said Settles told her about the affair and also told her he had shot Jamil Phillips.

Karlita Phillips was sentenced to life in prison. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, 2053 is the release year listed for Tavarious Settles.

Watch Fatal Attraction tonight on TV One at 9/8 p.m. Central. The Elzina Brown murder case aired on Fatal Attraction last week.

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