WWE News: Very Interesting Note On How Announcers Were Ordered To Call Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar At ‘Survivor Series’

One of the most shocking and unexpected results of the past year in the professional wrestling world was Brock Lesnar being squashed by Goldberg at Survivor Series. Goldberg absolutely decimated the former UFC fighter in a mere 86 seconds, and it’s just something that absolutely no-one saw coming. Now, there is more information about the match coming out as time passes and that includes how the WWE announcers were told to call the bout.

The finish of the match ended up being decided upon in the week leading up to Survivor Series when Lesnar and Goldberg finally met face-to-face on Monday Night Raw. Not many people knew about it, and it all came about because Goldberg extended his contract with WWE and decided to stick around for the Royal Rumble and beyond.

The company knows there is a lot of money in the former World Heavyweight Champion and the continuation of the feud with Lesnar. Fans that saw the build-up of the match from mid-October to Survivor Series knows that it was being billed as a championship boxing match and that is in many ways.

wwe news goldberg brock lesnar survivor series fight announcers
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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, per Wrestling Inc., the announcers were told by WWE to call Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg like a fight and not like a wrestling match.

Word came down from the top that the announcers were to call the Survivor Series main event unlike anything else that was on the card. They didn’t want it called in the same way that the elimination-style tag matches or championship matches were called at all.

Everyone in the organization was to present this match as a prize fight and like something that wasn’t normally seen within the company. In other words, WWE knows that their fans are familiar with UFC and the world of MMA so they wanted this match seen as an “anything can happen” type of thing.

wwe news goldberg brock lesnar survivor series fight announcers
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Well, that’s exactly what happened was “anything” and the squash was likely something that next to no-one knew was coming. Adding that different feel to the match by Michael Cole and others meant that no matter what happened, fans may not feel slighted since it was more a fight and not a wrestling match.

Now, Goldberg holds a 2-0 lead in the series with Lesnar and the company is going to likely capitalize on a third match somewhere down the line. The official website of WWE even put together a poll asking the fans if they would like to see Goldberg vs. Lesnar III at some point, and the results are kind of shocking.

As of this writing, fans are leaning toward wanting to see another match between the two men, but only by the slight margin of 51 to 49 percent. If that truly is how many fans feel, keeping Goldberg around for a third match with Lesnar could end up backfiring for them in the long run.

That likely wouldn’t be the case, though, once the third match is presented to them. Well, that is if one is presented to them.

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For now, the immediate plan is for Goldberg to be in the Royal Rumble match in January and that was officially confirmed by WWE. Depending on what happens in that match, it could lead to Goldberg having a match at least one more match.

That match is likely to come at WrestleMania 33, and it is expected to be against Brock Lesnar so the two beasts can officially finish out their long-running feud.

The match at Survivor Series was built up in a huge way for the month leading up to it, and it truly had a big fight feel. Knowing that WWE told the announcers to call the match as if it was a heavyweight fight and not like anything else on the card isn’t overly surprising. Vince McMahon wanted this match to be huge and exciting and grand and then shocking as Bill Goldberg totally demolished Brock Lesnar to set up another future battle.

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