'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Bo Brady Honored, Abigail Finally Discovered

Days of Our Lives viewers are about to see the drama ramp up. According to the latest spoilers for the week, Monday will be a big day in Salem, and many of the characters will face life-changing issues.

According to Soap Hub, Monday will bring sadness, heartbreak, and surprise in Salem as the Days of Our Lives characters remember a family member, deal with the consequences of their actions, and find out a huge secret. The spoilers reveal that Bo Brady will be remembered by all in Salem on the one-year anniversary of his death. As many fans will remember, Bo died in Hope's arms on a snowy day just after a holiday celebration with his family. The scene was one of the saddest in the show's history, and many viewers still aren't over Bo's death.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Hope meets Hattie in prison.
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This week, all of Bo's siblings will gather to remember their fallen brother. Kimberly, Roman, Kayla, and Kim will all be in Salem to remember their late sibling on the anniversary of his death. The family will visit Bo's grave together and remember the moments they shared with him. The scenes are sure to be very emotional for viewers as they watch the Brady family grieve the loss.

Sadly, Bo's wife, Hope Brady, will not be there to remember Bo on the anniversary of his death. As many Days of Our Lives viewers know, Hope is currently serving a prison sentence of 25 years. Hope was handed down the sentence with no possibility of parole after she confessed to the murder of Stefano DiMera. Hope, who believed that Stefano had been the one to kidnap Bo for years, leading to him not being able to receive medical help for this brain tumor, shot and killed Stefano as a result. Although Hope's partner and now boyfriend, Rafe Hernandez, helped her dispose of Stefano's body, the oldest DiMera son, Andre, blackmailed Hope into confessing to the murder as a way to save Rafe from being put in jail as well.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Chad be forced to chose between Gabi and Abigail?
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This week, Days of Our Lives fans will watch as Hope learns to navigate being on the inside of a women's prison. Hope will receive visits from her family and Rafe, but she'll also reunite with an old acquaintance. Spoilers reveal that actress Deidre Hall will pull double duty by reprising her former role as Hattie. As some DOOL viewers will remember, Hattie worked for the DiMera family and was hired by Stefano because of her stunning likeness to Marlena. In the past, the character of Hattie was played by Deidre Hall's twin sister, Andrea Hall. However, Deidre stepped into the role after it was announced that Hattie had gotten plastic surgery to look even more like Marlena.

Meanwhile, some happiness will be seen in Salem this week. Although J.J. is going through a rough patch after breaking up with his girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez, he'll make a huge discovery this week. As Days of Our Lives watchers know, J.J.'s sister, Abigail, is alive and well and hiding out in the attic of Jennifer Horton's home. When J.J. makes a trip up to the attic, he'll find Abigail and will be completely shocked. Will J.J. keep quiet about Abigail being alive and back in Salem, or will he want to tell Chad so that he and Gabi sever any romantic ties that they are beginning?

Days of Our Lives fans can expect several dramatic storylines heading into the holiday season, and things are sure to get wild for Hope Brady, Abigail Deveraux-DiMera, and the rest of the residents in Salem as secrets are exposed.

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