‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 512: Sting Overpowers Lacarde With The Combined Powers Of Rogue And Kagura, Natsu Explores Memories Deep Into His Heart [Spoilers]

Chapter 512 of the popular Fairy Tail manga offers one of the most epic culminations to a long-drawn battle between Lacarde and his multiple opponents, who never stood a chance individually.

Warning: Fairy Tail manga Chapter 512 spoilers and 513 speculations are ahead.

Fairy Tail manga Chapter 512 continues with the potentially epic battle between Sting and Lacarde. In the previous chapter, Lacarde had been able to gain an upper hand over Sting. Lacarde’s light tentacles have no adverse effect on Sting, but his spells that attack the primal desires of humans cause Sting and the Fairy Tail mages to start nibbling at each other. Fortunately, Sting manages to make his fellow combatants fall unconscious to help them escape the clutches of the spell.

In the previous chapter, Lacarde had managed to injure Sting and was about to unleash his last spell that targets the basic human desire to “slumber.” However, before Zeref and Mavis’ creation is able to unleash the spell, Rogue appeared, and offered Sting his own powers to help destroy Lacarde. Not listening to Sting’s objections, Rogue transfers his powers to him. Emboldened and strengthened by Rogue’s powers, Sting challenges Lacarde.

In the current chapter, titled “Sting the White Shadow Dragon,” the leader of the Sabertooth Guild strikes a decisive blow, which causes Lacarde to reel backward, reported JobsNHire. So far, none of the attacks from any of the Fairy Tail members had caused any effect on Lacarde, who had calmly waived them off. Hence Sting’s attack indicates he has gained considerable strength to challenge the son of the Dark Mage.

Sting continues his attacks on Lacarde, claiming Rogue’s shadows will annihilate him. Surprisingly, Sting expertly combines Rogue’s power with his own and strikes an even bigger blow. Although taken aback, Lacarde claims combining powers won’t defeat him as he is about to unleash his final spell that no one can possibly resist.

Lacarde’s final spell, known as “The Eternal Sleep of Death” or “R.I.P,” causes Sting to feel very drowsy. While his eyelids are getting heavier, Lacarde warns him the moment Sting closes his eyes will be his very last. In a desperate attempt to stay awake and fight Lacarde, Sting hits himself. Although his own blows draw blood, Sting finds it extremely difficult to stay alert. Sensing the same, Lacarde claims that when Acnologia, the famed Black Dragon, couldn’t resist the spell, no human could possible defy their primal desires.

When Sting is about to hit the ground, Rogue advises him to “enter the shadow.” He notes that in the shadow world, all the senses remain sharp. The world would help dispel the drowsiness, albeit for a few moments, allowing Sting time to overpower Lacarde’s spell and defeat him. Having never entered the Shadow world, Sting asks Rogue how is he supposed to do that. Rogue advises him to “feel the gravity to the point that he can feel his feet and ground becoming one.”

Although defeated by Lacarde in the previous chapters, Kagura offers her assistance to Sting, informing him that she will sink him into the ground by force. The next moment, Sting collapses into the abyss of darkness and enters the world within the shadows. As pointed out by Rogue, Sting begins to feel his senses sharpening to their limits. Feeling the surge of power and heightened awareness, Sting races through the world of shadows towards Lacarde.

Using the combined powers of Rogue and Kagura, Sting launches the “Rough Silk” attack on Lacarde. Shockingly, the attack proves too much for Lacarde, who appears completely defeated. While lying on the ground, Lacarde softly calls his father. It is apparent Zeref hears his son’s last words and quietly mourns.

Meanwhile, a bewildered E.N.D. Natsu is roaming aimlessly through his own heart when he comes across a silhouette. Thinking it is Sting, Natsu calls out to him, but the figure turns out to be Rogue. Surprised, Natsu asks him how he appeared. Rogue clarifies that Natsu’s poor attention span is the reason the “tour guides” keep changing so abruptly.

Rogue queries Natsu about the scarf he is wearing around his neck and asks if the latter is aware it is made from Igneel’s scales. When Natsu answers in the affirmative, Rogue asks him why the scarf that’s made from Igneel’s red scales is white in appearance. When Natsu appears intrigued, Rogue explains that a dragon’s scales lose their pigment when they are separated from the body. However, the scales can only be handled after they have been removed.

While Natsu is wondering if it was Igneel himself who knitted a human-sized scarf with his own hands, Rouge confirms it was the loving handiwork of a woman called Anna. The Celestial Spirit Mage lived over 400 years ago. Lucy happens to be Anna’s descendent.

Suddenly, Rogue disappears, and Zeref takes his place. He repeats his ominous forewarning about Natsu’s death that he had issued in previous chapters, reported Hall of Fame Magazine. He adds the “final answer” is “just a little further ahead.”

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Natsu’s motionless body is getting colder by each passing minute. Porlyusica shocks and embarrasses Lucy by asking her strip naked. When Luck angrily asks why, Porlyusica explains physical and intimate contact with another warm human being, coupled with the deep feelings that one might have towards Natsu, could be the only way to raise his body temperature. Begrudgingly, Lucy agrees, but before she undresses, Natsu speaks softly.

Even in his weakened state, Natsu appears intent on defeating Zeref. Hearing the same, Happy starts crying and reveals that Zeref’s death would mean Natsu would die too. It is surprising that Lucy isn’t aware of the fact that Zeref’s defeat would also kill Natsu since it is the former who had activated the E.N.D within Natsu.

Is Natsu’s death truly near? Has Lacarde been defeated? Mangaka Hiro Hashima still hasn’t revealed anything about the connection between Ezra and Eileen either. Hopefully, the upcoming chapter 513 of Fairy Tail, titled “Flower Circle,” will offer some answers to these questions.

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