Joanna Krupa Goes Nude For The Mannequin Challenge

Joanna Krupa has performed her own version of the mannequin challenge, which involved posing nude.

Krupa’s mannequin challenge has attracted a lot of attention because she did it while she was naked. The mannequin challenge has been a viral sensation for the past few days. A lot of celebrities have been getting in on the action, including Taylor Swift and Amy Schumer. However, Krupa is the first celebrity to do the Mannequin challenge while naked. She posted a video of her doing the challenge on Instagram.

To view an image of Joanna Krupa performing the mannequin challenge in the nude, please follow this link.

In the Instagram video, Krupa is laying down on her back near a window while holding up a magazine. She positioned her arms and legs so that she could hide the sensitive parts of her body.

“Naughty way of relaxing on this gorgeous clear day at@parkhyattchicago reading@michiganavemag. And doing mannequin challenge my way,” she pointed out in a video caption.

The video of the Polish model was captured on Saturday. It was, however, not the first time that she has posted revealing social media content of herself. A few weeks ago, she posted Instagram images of herself in which her Halloween costume was body paint. She also shared a video from a recent photoshoot in which she was also nude. The video was filmed by her husband Romain Zago. He filmed her while she was standing next to a window in a Chicago hotel. She was also in nude body paint in PETA ads to raise awareness about Orcas at Seaworld theme parks.

Krupa released a statement about the Orcas in which she pointed out that she can imagine the pain that the animals are going through being confined to a small aquarium. She also noted that orcas are long distance swimmers and are used to swimming more than 100 miles on a single day. Krupa also pointed out that orcas in the aquariums were captured while they were young.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone from @RomainZago And I!!!!! May this season be filled with lots of love joy and happiness,” read the caption on one of her latest Instagram photos.

Joanna regularly shows off her curvaceous body in body-hugging outfits. She is also not afraid of posing in the nude since she has done so numerous times and is clearly very confident with the way she looks. Her husband Zago is also very supportive of her. Krupa likes to keep her social media fans happy and constantly posts nice photos of herself. She took advantage of the hype around the mannequin challenge to stir up some more hype by doing the challenge while naked.

Krupa once held the title of the sexiest swimsuit model in the world, which was bestowed upon her by Maxim magazine. Judging by how she looks in the Instagram photo of the mannequin challenge, she has been working hard to maintain her incredible physique. She has a very tight-toned body featuring a flat tummy, ample cleavage, and beautiful legs. The 37-year-old model might easily be mistaken for a teenager. She constantly posts sexy images to keep her fans excited.

Krupa has also been building up an acting career and is one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Miami. She wanted to create a buzz by doing her own controversial style of the mannequin challenge. Krupa’s nude mannequin challenge was creative. The video became quite controversial and ended up creating a buzz simply because she did it while naked. Krupa is also proud because the naked mannequin challenge was successful and it went well for her.

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