Another Black Friday Turns Ugly Again

Another Black Friday turned ugly as shoppers fought for everything from TVs to toilet paper, the Independent is reporting.

Shoppers Thrash Nike Store In Washington

In Washington, a Nike store looked like it was hit by a hurricane when over 20,000 bargain shoppers tore into the premises as the doors were thrown open. Employees had posted pictures of products neatly arranged in preparation for Black Friday. Hours later, customers posted their own images of boxes strewn all over the floor and the store thrashed beyond recognition as customers fought to get their hands on bargain deals.

A shopper, Larry Downer, revealed that he was in the store to get a pair of trainers for his son, but was shocked by what he saw.


“I thought there was an earthquake that happened. It was unreal. We start walking through from aisle to aisle, and you’re walking over orange boxes everywhere. People were just kicking stuff out of the way. Seeing little kids kicking things to the side with disregard—that kind of bothered me. As parents were swimming through it, the kids had the same reaction.”

An employee said over 20,000 people visited the shop between 8 p.m. Thursday and 10:00 p.m. Friday. According to the employee who did not want to be named, the emerging carnage at the store was because people were in a rush and refused to put back anything they checked.

“People were not putting anything back in the right place all through the whole time we were open…the scene was Jurassic Park crazy.”

A Brawl Over Bargains

In a crowded California mall on Thanksgiving, six men showed they were not in the holiday spirit as they brawled over bargains.

In a video that has racked up a million views on social media, the men are seen throwing punches and kicking each other. The fight started outside JC Penney as shoppers got out of the way to avoid getting caught in the skirmish.

Two of the men tumbled over as people gathered to watch the clash. The fight was broken up with the help of security. Modesto Police Lt. Steve Stanfield revealed no one was injured in the clash.

Another Black Friday Shopper Dead

An unidentified man trying to intervene in a domestic violence incident was shot outside Walmart in San Antonio, Texas. The alleged gunman, Telles Juarez, was grabbing a woman by the hair and punching her inside his car. The good samaritan had yelled at the 21-year-old to let the woman go.

Juarez allegedly opened fire, hitting the man in the neck. He died at the scene. Another bullet struck another woman who was taken to the hospital. She is reportedly in stable condition. Telles Juarez had absconded from the scene in a bid to evade police. He was chased by police for over 15 miles before he was arrested.

He has been charged with aggravated murder.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus paid tribute to the unidentified man who had stepped in to stop Juarez from beating up the woman in his car.

“You have to give credit to the man for being willing to intervene. Unfortunately, this man was too eager to shoot.”

Black Friday traditionally follows Thanksgiving. It is a period where stores open for special sales to begin the start of the frenetic shopping season. Black Friday vies with the Saturday before December 25 as the biggest sales day of the year.

Between 2006 and 2014, there have been seven deaths and close to 100 injuries from Black Friday shopping. In New Jersey, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot outside Macy’s, while another man was wounded outside a Memphis shopping mall. In South Africa, a riot broke out as people tussled over toilet paper.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, online sales are expected to surpass the $3 billion mark, up 11.3 percent from last year.

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